Winning! Karting – Hooton Park IKR Round 3

Finally, 119 days since my last race, I was out back out doing what I love. RACING. Although, it was only a small grid, it was great competive practice ahead of a really tough trip to Whilton Mill in Cadet Kart Championship

After all the great weather we have been having, it was it little disappointing that rain and wind had been forecast. Which usually leads to some seriously exciting and unpredictable racing. Selecting slicks or wets, when the weather is on edge is only the basics. Really, the kart should be setup totally differently depending on track conditions.

Luckily for me, we make the right choices and it ended up with my first ever pole, my first ever win!

You can read more about how I drove on my personal blog > https://monkeymotorsports.co.uk/hooton-park-indi-kart-round-3/


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