F1 Hungarian GP Review.


With an average speed of 130mph and a chance of rain, the Hungarian Gran Prix was ready for an eventful race. The top four locked out with Mercedes power and Ferrari having better pace than on Saturdays, coupled with the Mclaren’s aggressive driving should make for some exciting viewing. Proof of a wet track was shown by Max Verstappen on the way to the grid, leaving the track at turn 12 and sliding into the wall damaging his front wing and suspension, giving the Redbull mechanics some work to do.

The Redbull team have got Verstappens car fixed and they are ready to go. All the cars start on the intermediate tyres, apart from Kevin Magnusson, who has opted for the full wets. The lights drop and the race is on, both Ferrari’s get a great start and move up the grid, with Bottas potentially jumping the start. Leclerc makes an early stop for dry tyres in the hope of the track drying under the cars. The rest of the field now pitting for the harder tyres with Vettel getting a slow pit stop due to traffic.

During the pit stop for dry tyres, Latifi was released into the path of Sainz in his McLaren and connecting, giving the Williams a rear puncture and a 5 second penalty for the unsafe release. Albon racing hard with a Ferrari on both wings, but is holding out while Gasly retires with a plume of smoke and the smell of burning carbon fibre. Albon finally makes it past the Ferrari and upto 7th, which leaves Leclrec open to Vettel in the other Ferrari to pass. Leclerc pits for a fresh set of tyres.

As a few spots of rain start to fall, each driver are trying to predict what to do, change to wet tyres or stick it out on the dry and feed the way through the track. Most are staying on the dry tyres as they come in for the final planed pit stop of the race as it looks like the rain will hold off. Daniel Ricciardo has made his way upto 5th while Bottas is flying and closing in on P2. Latifi in the Williams loses the back end and spins out off the track, but manages to rejoin. Bottas pits for a new set of fresh tyres to gain the advantage.

The mid field teams still battling for as many points as possible as Sainz struggles to pass Leclrec’s Ferrari. Bottas on his new set of rubber keeps putting in the fastest lap in the hope of gaining on Vestappen while Hamilton is on the radio complaining about his tyre wear. With only a few laps to go, Hamilton pits for a new set to try and secure the fastest lap, as he has enough time ahead of Verstappen to still get out ahead while Sainz finally makes it pass Leclrec for 10th place.

The chequered flag drops for Lewis Hamilton to secure another win and the fastest lap of the race. Max Verstappen manages to keep Bottas behind to keep 2nd and leaving the last podium spot for Valtteri Bottas. Sebastian Vettel in the front running Ferrari finishes 6th and Carlos Sainz takes the last championship point.

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