Celebrating Alfa Romeo’s 110th birthday with magnificent Swiss collection by Dr. Axel Marx – one of the largest Alfa Romeo experts in the world

In the month that see’s the Italian car brand Alfa Romeo celebrate it’s 110th birthday,in Switzerland, too, they wanted to celebrate Alfa Romeo’s historic birthday with a journey through time into the history of the brand with the snake. And what could be more fitting than a visit to the magnificent Swiss collection by Dr. Axel Marx, one of the largest Alfa Romeo experts in the world?

Prof. Marx, the famous specialist in vascular surgery, would rather be known as an expert for the Italian car brand Alfa Romeo. Since childhood, Axel has been interested in the latest sports cars and especially in Alfa Romeo.– Even though he grew up in a very art-rich environment: his mother was an art historian and her father was a well-known collector of modern art in Europe.

Collector and expert

Over the years, his work as the curator of his own large classic car collection concentrated primarily on the history and production of Alfa Romeo. Thanks to his in-depth knowledge of product history, Axel Marx became a special collector and above all a connoisseur.

The history of his collection, which Marx has grouped in the non-profit organization “Anthax Collection Marx” (viewing by appointment possible anthax-collection@bluewin.ch ), is expressed in the prestigious, but above all the most important vehicles that he has seen over the years acquired before and after World War II. These include the 6C 1500 from 1928 and the super-sporty, fast 6C 1750 Gran Sport Brianza (1932), with which Axel Marx took part in numerous historic Mille Miglia races.

Unique models

The various versions of the 1900 Sprint and Super Sprint from the most important body builders of the time, such as Zagato, Touring, Pininfarina, Castagna, Worblaufen, Ghia-Aigle, are remarkable and unique in this world.

There are also the beautiful versions of the Giulietta by Zagato, SZ “Coda Tronca” and “Coda Tonda” and the extremely rare SVZ. Also worth mentioning is the prototype “2000 Sportiva” from 1954 (there are only two worldwide, one is in the historical museum in Arese).

What is really breathtaking for the visitors is undoubtedly the overall impression, the arrangement of all vehicles ever manufactured by Alfa Romeo. This is only possible due to the special decision of the collector to also import the vehicles produced abroad: for example from South Africa, from the USA, and last but not least a considerable number of cars manufactured in Brazil. A curiosity on the side: In order to research the history of this production in more detail, to be able to interact with important contacts and to have access to the relevant documents, Prof. Marx has learned Portuguese and is regularly in Brazil to continue his studies.


The celebration in the midst of the “Anthax Collection Marx” collection and the history of the car brand that has always been the most popular have been the recent unveiling of the new GTAm model – even more exciting. The exclusive insight let the visitors wander through the historical development of Alfa Romeo and let nostalgic feelings arise. The mechanics of the GTAm’s passion made the 540-hp engine heard amid its renowned predecessors and bridged the past and future. Maybe it will be the next new addition to the prestigious Axel Marx collection after the latest Quadrifoglio MY20?

*Special thanks to Serenella Artioli De Feo


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