What the world needs now is Sportscars!

It has been a mad, crazy & uncertain 2020 so far, with many of us forced into lockdown (except for keyworkers, to which we are eternally grateful), some of us working from home, others home schooling the children and others, well binge watching on TV box sets and food! But as we enter the second half of this year we need something to give us a lift, something to go ‘oh yes!’ and in the automotive world it isn’t going to be another SUV – although I have nothing against them – nor is it going to be another electric city car or come to that another £1M+ Supercar that goes from here to the Moon and back in 2 seconds.

What we need right now is affordable Sportscars. As we begin to filter our from our homes a bit more, returning to some kind of normality and start to plan the next 12 months or so, many of us wanting to make up for lost time from this year, we need a reason to go ‘2021 is the year I treat my self to a new car, something cool, fun & great to drive’. To put the passion back on the roads, away from all the boring grey 4 wheeled boxes that seem to be scattered everywhere, something that says I survived 2020 & I am loving life!

Sure you could buy a BMW M2, maybe a Lotus or the Alpine A110, you could even go for the Toyota GR Supra, after all you don’t have to look at the GR Supra when your inside it. All good cars, I wouldn’t say no to any of them being given to me, but would I buy one with my own money…erm no. You see none of them particularly set my heart on fire, they don’t make me go weak at the knees or gush like I did the first time I saw Kylie Minogue in those golden hot pants. This isn’t just because I love Italian cars, not at all, I can respect the engineering capabilities with all the current crop of affordable Sportcars, the design touches, the fun factor the Alpine A110 delivers, the fact that a BMW M2 is one of the best drivers cars BMW have ever made  but none of them have that, how do I put it, that Jessica Rabbit aura about them!!

We need an Sportscar that drives as good as it looks, with looks to make the Kardashian women go into hiding with jealousy. The Sportscar we want has to be able to do this and be affordable, it has to have fun in abundance but also a serious side for when you go on that date and want to impress. So this is the gauntlet thrown down to the car makers, yes you can make money from another SUV, yes electric is your chosen future for power but don’t forget driving should be fun, a car whose design was driven by passion, a Sportscar that ‘wow’s wherever it goes’…now that’s what we want!

Alfa Romeo USD -Shoutout to Sian @sianloyson (IG) for the permission to use one of his cool photographs as backplate

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