The Alfa Romeo Barchetta You Will Want

In a motoring world that seem’s to be dominated by a new SUV coming out every week, what we need is something fresh, something that harks back to motoring greats of the past and yet is also modern and ‘with the times’, we think we may have discovered the answer…

It has been a while since Alfa Romeo brought us a droptop, we had the achingly beautiful 8C Spider, of which just 500 got built, this was followed a few years later by the gorgeous 4C, along with the hard top a spider version was also available. Oh and lets not forget if you have the financial means you could have bought yourself a Touring Superleggera Disco Volante Spyder, a car of which the 8C Spider was a donor. But alas a spider from Alfa Romeo seem’ s a distant memory.

Step forward Ugur Sahin Design, a company founded in 2007 in order to serve the automotive and industrial design sectors with a fresh and flexible approach with the aim to focus on profiling themselves as a partner with a high quality design perception combined with a strong drive towards innovation. Ugur Sahin Design’s expertise is to integrate styling and production activities, providing their clients with a full range of design solutions. Sounds like quite a plan, in essence to stop the automotive world producing boring looking cars, and they seem to know what they are doing. Here at Enzari we are no strangers to their design ethos, early in 2019 we sampled Ugur Sahin’s work with the Alfa Romeo Nivola, a tribute to an Alfa Romeo Icon and now the company has done it again, bringing us a stunning Alfa Romeo Barchetta.

The Alfa Romeo USD Barchetta took it’s main inspiration for the design from the magnificent Alfa Romeo TZ1 Spider and several other Barchetta models of the past like Giulietta Barchetta 1981. The goal with this project was to design a modern interpretation of the iconic Barchetta style cars that Alfa Romeo brand has in its rich history.By carefully isolating classic elements and translating them into modern lines and surface treatments, Ugur Sahin was able to create a fine balance between the past and present that would be a great addition to Alfa Romeo’s current styling philosophy.

The front fascia has a slim grille and vertical air intakes along with slender LED headlights and a ventilated V-shaped hood.

Moving further back, there’s the streamlined bodywork and a distinctive dual cockpit that is meant to direct the air through the middle towards the back which then is met with a classic spoiler that helps with the stability of the rear. The wraparound glass and a stylish rollover protection system with carbon fibre accents add elegance and sportiness to the character of the car.

At the rear you can find a stacked four-tailpipe exhaust system and full width LED brake light to give it a modern yet classic look. The carbon fibre diffuser also integrates an F1-inspired third brake.

We think Ugur Sahin has pretty much nailed it what a modern Alfa Romeo Barchetta should look like, it is elegant, stylish, hints at Alfa’s of yesteryear and yet bang up to date…we have a winner!

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