Novitec F8 Tributo is 787-hp Supercar

Novitec has sprinkled it’s magic tuning dust on the latest Prancing Horse from Maranello, the Ferrari F8 Tributo, giving it 812 Superfast performance.

Novitec hasn’t wasting anytime in getting to grips with the new Ferrari F8 Tributo, the tuning specialist is offering it’s customers a new package for the mid-engined supercar that includes high performance in the form of engine tuning to 579 kW / 787 hp, this gives the Ferrari a new improved top speed of more than 211mph. The Novitect high-performance exhaust systems not only optimize the power and sound, but also save weight compared with the production car.

The new aerodynamic-enhancement kit for it’s F8 Tributo package is still under development, 21-inch and 22-inch hi-tech forged wheels as well as sport springs that can be optionally combined with a front lift system are already available. Custom options for the interior appointments round off the refinement for the Italian sports car. There is no such thing as enough power, not even for a top-class sports car. That is why the Novitec power plant engineers have developed various performance kits for the 3.9-litre twin-turbo V8 engine of the Ferrari F8 Tributo. To this end, two plug-and-play Novitec N-Tronic control modules are adapted to the engine electronics of the car. They introduce newly programmed mapping for the eight-cylinder’s injection and ignition, and additionally modify the electronic boost pressure control.

In the first Novitec tuning stage, the turbocharged eight-cylinder pumps out 49 kW / 67 hp more than the production engine and also adds 112 Nm for a new peak torque of 882 Nm at 3,000 rpm. The power increase to 579 kW / 787 hp at 8,000 rpm naturally benefits the road performance: From rest, the two-seat sports car slings itself to 62 mph in just 2.7 seconds. The top speed increases to over 211mph. The Novitec boost in power and torque naturally delivers even better performance. What is more: Just as fascinating are the even more instant throttle response and the even stronger torque. The installation of a Novitec high-performance exhaust system is advisable to optimize the performance further and give the engine a more thrilling exhaust note at the same time. The all- stainless exhaust, which in the interest of lowering the temperature in the engine bay is fully insulated, comes in versions with and without electronic sound management.

All Novitec sport exhaust systems for the F8 Tributo can be combined with the production exhaust tips or with the markedly sportingly styled exhaust tips made from a combination of carbon and stainless steel. Novitec’s designers are already working on a range of bodywork components for the F8 Tributo that will be equal parts thrilling styling and aerodynamic efficiency. However, in order to customize the looks of the new mid-engine Ferrari further already today and to make full use of the available space under the wheel arches, Novitec developed tailor-made forged wheels in cooperation with American manufacturer of hi-tech wheels Vossen. To put more emphasis on the wedge shape of the mid-engine racer, the NF9 forged rims with five delicate twin spokes are mounted on the F8 Tributo in a combination of size 9Jx21 at the front and size 12Jx22 on the rear axle. Choosing Pirelli P Zero high-performance tires of sizes 255/30 ZR 21 and 335/25 ZR 22 as the optimal solution. These wheels not only impress with their equally lightweight and robust construction, but also by offering the vehicle owner maximum individuality. The NF9 rims come in 72 different colour variants and are optionally also available with a brushed or polished surface. The Novitec wheel range for the F8 Tributo comprises further exclusive rims in different combinations with diameters of 20 and 21 or 21 and 22 inches as an alternative.

The Novitec sport springs, which lower the ride height of the Ferrari by about 35 millimetres, are calibrated specifically to the ultra-low-profile high-performance tyres. The lowered centre of gravity makes the handling even more agile. These suspension elements can be installed with or without front lift system, which raises the front axle of the vehicle at the touch of a button in order to be able to cope with underground parking ramps or speed bumps, for example. For vehicles not equipped with this system ex-factory, Novitec offers its own system, which optimizes the daily practicality of the F8 Tributo. It allows raising the front end by 40 millimetres. The front end reverts to its original position at a second tap of the switch or automatically when the vehicles reaches a speed of 50mph. Novitec also fulfills the customer’s wishes for the interior in every detail with perfectly finished leather and Alcantara interior appointments. The range of colours is just as extensive as the design options for the precisely sewn upholstery.

Novitec’s F8 Tributo is proof again that the tuning specialist are top of their game, and if you find your new F8 Tributo lacking that certain something then these are the guys to call. Visit Novitec here

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