Maserati to replace Ferrari V8’s with Jet Ignition V6

Maserati is set to reveal a twin turbo V6 for it’s new models, starting with the MC20 as it moves on from Ferrari sourced V8 for it’s cars. According to automotive insiders, the MC20 will use a new twin-turbo 3.0-litre V6 engine that features “turbulent jet ignition” to improve efficiency and reduce emissions, reportedly producing 542 hp (404 kilowatts).

The ‘turbulent jet ignition’ technology replaces the spark plug in each cylinder with a jet ignition chamber to enable ultra-lean combustion, Mahle previously supplied similar tech to the Ferrari Formula One team. The system uses the space usually for the spark plug to create a chamber for ultra lean-burning combustion.

Maserati is also set to embrace electrification, the revised Ghibli hybrid being the first to be unveiled next month, with a four-cylinder engine it will feature a 48 volt mild hybrid system.  This will be followed by refreshed versions of the Levante and Quattroporte models both expected to be electrically assisted.

The mid-engine MC20 sports car is expected to be officially unveiled in September as we see the start of Maserati’s journey to electrification.

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