Fiat presents the genesis of the One-Offs

“One-Shot”: the genesis of the One-Offs, three timeless masterpieces

Fiat is presenting a new look at it’s New 500, the ‘One-Off’s’. On air now is the  trailer  of  “One-Shot” , the first Fiat docu-film that reveals the “behind the scenes” of the creation of the One-Off, the three exclusive interpretations of the New 500, signed by Armani, Bvlgari and Kartell.

The full film will soon be broadcast on Fiat’s social channels, an exciting journey told by Olivier François, President Fiat Brand Global and Chief Marketing Officer of FCA, including interviews with designers, stories from partners,  close-ups  on the workings and choice of materials having the goal is the care and sustainability of the environment.

The full film will be soon uploaded in Fiat’s social media channels on May 27th.

“One-Shot”: the genesis of the One-Offs, three timeless masterpieces

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