‘Back on Track’ as Italian car manufacturers reopen Museums, Shops & Workshops

Italian carmakers are getting Back On Track in Italy with new safety measures in place following the shut down brought about by the Covid-19 outbreak.

Ferrari Museums in Maranello and Modena reopen

The Ferrari museums have opened their doors to the public, in line with Italian government regulations.

After closing on February 24 in compliance with the Region of Emilia-Romagna’s emergency healthcare directives, the Ferrari Museum in Maranello and the Museo Enzo Ferrari in Modena are now ready to welcome visitors once again. A series of new measures have been put in place to protect their health and that of the staff, as they enjoy the full experience of the “Ferrari at 24 Heures du Mans”, “Hypercars” and “Grand Tour” exhibitions.

Aside from those outlined in the recent Italian ministerial decree, both museums also introduced further measures specifically designed for their premises and inspired by Ferrari’s “Back on Track” programme.

At their entrances, for instance, all visitors are scanned by a thermal scanner and, if their temperature is outside the normal zone, will be able to reschedule their visit. Mask wearing is compulsory, except for children under the age of six. Masks are provided free of charge by the Museum to visitors without them. Horizontal floor markings help ensure social distancing rules are complied with.

To facilitate the limited visitor numbers now permitted, it is possible to book visit time slots and purchase tickets through the online ticket offices on the Museums’ sites.

Ferrari is also making a further gesture of gratitude to frontline medical staff by offering healthcare workers free access to both Museums for the rest of 2020 in addition to discounts for their family members for the same period.

Ferrari Stores reopen across Italy with new safety measures and services in-store and online

The Ferrari Stores are opening their doors once again with a range of new safety measures in place to protect the health of both the public and staff: temperature scanning, chlorine bleach sanitised mats, free masks and gloves, sanitising of changing rooms and cash registers after each use. Sample garments provided for customers to try on will also be sanitised after each use. All purchased apparel will be presented to the customer pre-packaged.

These are just some of the safety measures being adopted by the Ferrari Stores which reopen across Italy in line with government instructions, following their closure on March 12 as a result of the health crisis in the country. Inspired by the ‘Back on Track’ programme introduced by Ferrari in its Maranello and Modena premises, these measures will protect the health of customers and staff without compromising the pleasure of the shopping experience.   

The ferraristore.com website is also now fully operational once again. Its services integrate the online and in-store shopping experiences in a single omnichannel approach. Customers can now do the following even more rapidly and easily than ever:    

–        Place in-store orders for garments available online with the help of a sales assistant;

–        Check availability of items in their preferred store;

–        Pick up and return items purchased from ferraristore.com in-store;

–        Book an appointment to discover and try on the Scuderia Ferrari Collection with the assistance of Ferrari staff

Delivery of in-store purchases are free and the returns policy has been extended from 30 to 120 days.

The Classic Workshops of FCA Heritage reopen

The FCA Heritage Classic Workshops, located in the Turin industrial area of ​​Mirafiori, are now operational again: thus the certification and restoration activities that had been suspended due to COVID-19 resume. Obviously, the Officine Classiche will apply the safety and health protocol, developed by the FCA Group with the help of virologist Roberto Burioni, already in force in all Italian FCA companies – from factories to dealerships – and which follows what has already been defined in the agreement. signed on April 9 between FCA and the National Trade Unions.

Active since 2015 at the headquarters of Abarth & C. in via Plava in Turin, precisely in the former Officina 83 of Mirafiori, the Classic Workshops host the repair, restoration and certification activities of FCA historic cars, both those of private collectors and those belonging to the precious collection of FCA Heritage, the Group department dedicated to the protection and promotion of the historical heritage of Italian FCA brands. The accuracy and fidelity of the interventions are guaranteed by the use of the production data and the original technical drawings of each model, kept in the company archives, as well as by the great experience of the FCA Heritage team of specialists.

In the Classic Workshops owners of historic Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Lancia and Abarth cars can find unique skills and quality standards available to their passion. In fact, the same team that takes care of the FCA collection is available to private customers, with services ranging from simple maintenance – including that of “racing” models, which require specific checks before going on track – to complete restoration: from diagnosis to interior restoration, from repair of individual mechanical and aesthetic components to final testing. Each model taken in charge follows defined and rigorous processes, but at the same time flexible to adapt to any type of requirement. For each restoration a dossier is created, which collects the technical and photographic documentation of the interventions carried out.

In addition to the restoration and repair works, activities related to the “Certification of Authenticity” will be resumed in the Classic Workshops. After analyzing in detail the details of the historic car in question and checking its production data and technical specifications in the company archives, FCA Heritage certifies the authenticity of the classic car, highlighting its value. To obtain certification, each car goes through a rigorous control and evaluation process, carried out by the FCA Heritage team of experts, which verifies the authenticity of the car and its components, and the functioning of the main mechanical parts. The Certificate of Authenticity is available for classic cars of Alfa Romeo and Fiat.

Lambirghini: While The Company Grows, Our Commitment To The Environment Does Not Change 

Chairman & CEO of Lamborghini Stefano Domenicali has written an open letter regarding the Italian car makers continued commitment to the environment.

‘2019 was definitely the year that gave us our greatest number of achievements. Deliveries to customers all over the world increased by 43%, jumping from 5,750 to 8,205 vehicles, a new record-breaking result as we fuel our growth on a global scale.

Our commitment to the environment is still strong, too. As a Company, we feel our responsibility to make a major and tangible contribution to the crucial theme of sustainability through product and process innovation. We strive to be sustainability trailblazers by developing cutting-edge technologies and virtuous processes that enable us to manage our impact, avoid waste, keep consumption in check and prevent pollution.

In 2019, we were focused on the launch of the new Paintshop for the Urus Super SUV. The Paintshop includes Class A high energy efficiency systems at the cutting edge of technology and latest-generation LED lighting. 95% of the colors used are water-based and solvent emissions are very low thanks to a centralized scrubber system that recovers the heat used in the production process.

We also promoted greater awareness and culture around the theme of sustainability through various campaigns. From our now plastic-free restaurant to educational meetings in collaboration with “The Climate Reality Project”, we spared no effort in supporting and encouraging the change, raising awareness among employees on the climate crisis and promoting solutions to counteract its effects through energy transition and sustainable mobility. These meetings have helped us to reflect on the meaning and effects of the climate crisis we are experiencing and to understand what we can do to make a difference.

We were honored to participate in the program and bear witness to the message that we are all responsible in the fight against climate change through our actions toward the environment and our community and that we can all do our part.

Through our Environmental Statement, we wish to underscore the importance for us of pursuing industrial development that considers the community and the wider environment: safeguarding them is the focus of all our actions, and through our work we seek to act as a model for the whole community. Protecting the world we live in is a key element of our corporate conduct. That is why all members of the Lamborghini family can think of the Company with great satisfaction and take pride in being part of it.’

Stefano Domenicali
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
of Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A.

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