One and Only Ferrari 250 GTE Police Car Caught!

At EnZari we are always interested in the vehicles some of the world’s law-enforcement agencies utilize in their fight against crime. In recent years the Italian law-enforcement authorities have made use of high-performance sportscars, supercars and super saloons like the Lotus Evora, Lamborghini Gallardo & Huracan as well as the highly impressive Alfa Romeo Giulia QV to name a few. Exotic automobiles wearing police colours started in Italy during the 1960’s with this beaut.

Gearheads what you are drooling over is the 1962 Ferrari 250 GTE 2+2 Polizia. This crime fighting Prancing Horse was supplied to Rome’s finest after the then Italian president, Antonio Segni reached out to the legendary Enzo Ferrari convincing him to do so after one of the most prominent and successful police officials in Rome, Armando Spatafora was asked “What do you need to be complete?” Spatafora replied “What could be better than a Ferrari?” he was told “A Ferrari you will have then.” However, Ferrari’s illustrious founder didn’t supply one but two of these truly exceptional automobiles. The timing couldn’t have been better with most crimes in 1960’s Italy ending in a car chase. Italy’s police force had utilized black Alfa Romeo 1900s, nicknamed Pantera, but criminals were getting faster, so the cops followed suit and matched them with sportier Alfa Romeo 1600 sedans in green.

Ferrari 250 GTE 2+2 chassis 3999 was finished in black featuring a tan leatherette interior and was completed by Ferrari in November 1962. Armando Spatafora was one of just four of Rome’s finest selected to participate in a high speed driving course at the home of Ferrari in Maranello. Spatafora was a quick learner and found his rhythm behind the wheel of the 3.0-litre Colombo V12 Ferrari which was capable of reaching a top speed in excess of 250 Km/h. At the conclusion of the course he was taken to the Ferrari factory and shown his new crime fighting partner. The build sheets note chassis 3999 as being a ‘vett. Polizia’, which translates to police car in English.

The Prancing Horse only built two 250 GTE Polizia unfortunately Pantera 3999’s sister car was sadly destroyed in service after only a few weeks. That unfortunate incident left Pantera 3999 as the star of the Polizia for the next six years becoming a legend among law-enforcement officials, the public and even the criminals it was tasked with catching. Records show that Pantera 3999 was returned to Maranello for servicing and maintenance and was always kept in pristine condition.

In late 1968 Pantera 3999 was retired from service in good condition and remained like that up to 1972 when it was acquired by Alberto Cappelli through a public auction of army surplus. Cappelli spent the next four decades preserving it’s originality and enjoyed attending events, touring Europe with the car. In 1984 at the Coppa delle Dolomiti race Pantera 3999 was reunited with Armando Spatafora.

Fast forward to the early 2000’s, due to this crime fighting Ferrari’s legendary status it was requested on loan to appear at the new Museum of Police Vehicles in Rome. The then General Chief of the Polizia piloted Pantera 3999 to Rimini himself and communicated with Polizia headquarters utilizing Pantera 3999’s original radio. To date Pantera 3999 is the only privately owned automobile in Italy to have obtained special permission to feature the “Squadra Mobile/Volante” livery, blue light and siren.

In 2015 Pantera 3999 changed ownership to another enthusiastic owner who shared it’s beauty and charm with the adoring crowds at the prestigious Concours d’Elegance at Pebble Beach in 2016 and other events earning legendary status as the ultimate Pantera.

Now the ultimate Pantera has been listed for sale on Girardo & Co. Documents which include the Ferrari build sheets, Polizia documentation, Italian libretto, FIVA identity card, ASI certificate of homologation as well as images of Armando Spatafora with this Ferrari 250 GTE 2+2 from the early 1960’s and the 2014 Ferrari Classiche Certificate with red binder accompany the car. Pricing details are unknown to us but are available upon request.

One does not come across a pristine Ferrari police car with such a wonderful story accompanied by all of it’s original documents very often. This Ferrari will have collectors stepping over their own mothers to acquire it. If I had the financial means to acquire this beauty I would in a heartbeat. It will only become more legendary and valuable in future years to come.

Steve & Chris Parry are contributors from stevespeedza.blogspot.com

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