Fiat launches the Colourbook of the 500 – Thinking of the little ones

The #fiatforkids initiative, the “targato” 500 Colourbook to entertain the little ones, together with the whole family. – download it here

Fiat thinks of the little ones with the #fiatforkids initiative, the Colourbook 500 which, in perfect Fiat style, playful and fun, winks at the children who can spend a few hours drawing and colouring the 3 generations of 500 and giving free rein to creativity and imagination, as well as supporting the “older” in keeping them busy with a stimulating pastime.

The Colourbook 500 is designed to encourage creativity from different perspectives: color the 3 generations of 500, draw or colour the scenario in which the 500 moves, or imagine traveling and drawing the view looking at it from the car window. The Colourbook is developed to involve the whole family, keeping company in the many hours spent at home.

Fiat has always been the family car, this time not to “accompany” it in its movements, but precisely in its being at home.

The Colou

rbook can be downloaded from the Fiat Facebook page.


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