Writing on the wall for Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo meets street art

“Art is revealed in the most unexpected places”: this is the name of the street art project by Alfa Romeo in Corso Garibaldi in Milan, where the artistic creations of the most important international writers are hosted

Last weekend Milan woke up looking up to admire the new Alfa Romeo initiative. The brand surprised its many fans with a disruptive work that for a moment abandons the classic communication perimeter of the automotive world, to touch an original creative environment.

Each Alfa Romeo car contains the best of Italian genius, in addition to an inimitable technical heritage. And the occasion for the launch of the new Giulia and Stelvio, presented this month, gave inspiration to look for a new language, capable of surprising as much as the Biscione products.

Instead of the usual billboards, the new Alfa Romeo campaign is a real mural painted on the wall in Corso Garibaldi in Milan, which already houses the artistic creations of the most important writers. The subject was created with the anamorphosis technique, used to create a three-dimensional effect that follows the gaze at each observation point. The result is truly surprising.

The project, entitled “Art is revealed in the most unexpected places”, is by Urban Vision, a pioneer and promoter of this trend in Italy. The creation of the murals bears the signature of the artists of the Turin association “il Cerchio e le Gocce”, a reality inspired by underground cultures and which promotes and supports street-art and graffiti-writing within the city.

Art and beauty have always been cornerstones of the history of Biscione cars: the fluid, harmonious and at the same time dynamic lines of Alfa Romeo cars, are the expression of the best Italian design school. Mechanics and emotions, craftsmanship and performance define Alfa Romeo and capture the looks of its cars even with the engine off.

Alfa Romeo Updates Giulia and Stelvio for 2020

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