Lancia Fans Are Born… And Made

It’s a New Year and a ‘Throwback Thursday’ so what better way to kick start our passion for Italian cars thna to look at a very special Lancia story, the number 1 Lancia Delta HF Club Hi-Fi sums up the history of a family of true Lancia fans…

Can a passion run in the blood? For Dino Tecchio and his father, there is no doubt. Their loyalty to the Lancia brand has become a personal collection that lines up some of the most significant models of the Turin-based company, including the extremely rare Lancia Delta HF Club Hi-Fi.

Only 20 units of the Lancia Delta HF Integrale Club Hi-Fi limited edition were made in 1994 to reward the loyalty of Hi-Fi Club members, the most prestigious of all the brand’s affiliations, reserved for customers who had purchased at least ten new Lancia cars. The car was available with a dark blue or red livery embellished with the famous yellow/blue stripes along the bonnet and roof hinting to the heraldic colours of Turin, which became the distinctive sign of the sportiest Lancia models since the days of the Fulvia HF. The interiors featured elegant brown leather upholstery, while a plate at the bottom of the gear lever bore the serial number, further underscoring exclusive nature of the model. Car number 1 of this magnificent limited-edition belongs to die-hard Lancia fan Dino Tecchio.

The Tecchio family has always been tied to the Lancia brand. Dino fondly remembers the amazing Ardea, Appia, Flavia and the other seven Lancia cars bought in sequence by his father, which led to his induction in the prestigious Lancia Hi-Fi Club with full rights.

When his father passed away, Dino’s passion for Lancia cars lived on. And did so in style. His garage lined up, one after the other, a Fulvia 2C, aGT, a Fulvia coupé, a Beta, a Thema, a Z MPV, a  Thesis and other Lancia cars that allowed him to retrace his father’s footsteps and join the Hi-Fi Club himself.

It was precisely his involvement in the club that gave him access to the exclusive offer reserved for Hi-Fi members back in 1993.

At the end of an amazing course, the Lancia Delta was about to be discontinued. The manufacturer decided to celebrate the successful model by creating a specific trim level, offered for sale exclusively to Hi-Fi Club members.

As soon as he received the fax presenting the new limited-edition Lancia Delta HF, Dino did not think twice. He signed the form to confirm his interest and faxed it straight back to the sender. The car was handed over to him at the 1994  preview of the Turin Motor Show and remained in his hands for 25 years, continuing to acquire value over time.

Dino’s car has been very well preserved and is in pristine, original condition. It has been driven on a few road trips in the Asiago plateau hills and to vintage car gatherings. One of the popular appointments for Delta fans is the “Amiki Miei” event organised by the many-times world champion Miki Biasion, and it was here that Dino Tecchio’s Lancia Delta HF Club Hi-Fi received the first prize as the best-preserved and most exclusive car of the event. The accolade earned him Biasion’s autograph that still stands out on the bonnet of the car.

On that very occasion, Dino became aware of the services offered by FCA Heritage and decided to apply for a Certificate of Authenticity to attest the value of his car. He rolled up at the Officine Classiche in Turin at the wheel of the car to enjoy a cultural weekend dedicated to the history of the FCA Group, got to know about the department and saw how the Heritage team works. For Dino, certifying the Delta Integrale reminded him of the excitement he felt in Turin on 19 April, 25 years ago, on the day he picked up his new car at the Lingotto, on the eve of the opening of the car show.

The Delta Integrale is not the only classic car in Tecchio’s garage but it is the first to benefit from the services of FCA Heritage. Others will follow soon, because Dino, before going back home, bid farewell to the team of Officine Classiche technicians and professionals with an “arrivederci” and the promise to avail of the restoration services on offer for the other classic Lancia cars in his personal collection.

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