Cadet Kart Championship: “Teamwork makes the dream work”

With only a month to go until the start of the new racing season with Cadet Kart Championip, we speak to it’s founder Matty Street on his thoughts on this new grassroots karting series.

‘I am super excited for CKC (Cadet Kart Championship) to start. Its an all new take on IKR Karting. Fun, Fair, Controlled and Low Cost. CKC is the cheapest national championship in the UK with Race fees for Members at £100 for the weekend. But by no means does this low cost mean that CKC is lacking behind the big boys. We’ve got an exciting Media partnership with Enzari who plan to cover all of our races and help boost our drivers profiles. An agreement with renown driver coach Terrence Dove who will also be coming to come of our rounds to help and assist drivers. Along with a team of mechanics who will be on hand to offer help and set up advice, it’s going to be an exciting season’

The CKC calendar is also a true national championship, visiting track at the top and very bottom of the county (you can view that as a good thing or a bad thing I guess) but some creative circuits regardless, which will be a great experience for some of our drivers who are just making the jump up from local club level karting.

‘That is what CKC is all about for me, bridging the cap between club level karting at a single track and a national level championship. Allowing people to make that step up but with minimal costs. So the race fees are £30-£60 cheaper than most championship, tyres are controlled so you can only use a certain amount over the year, which also saves a lot of money but also levels the playing field. CKC is all about the driver.’

‘We only planned to start small with CKC but its had such a positive response we had no choice but to go big. So we have got loads of exciting things planned! Entries haven’t been open 4 weeks yet and we are nearly fully booked for 2020. Currently only 8 driver slots remaining. The experience of the drivers is very wide too so everyone is guaranteed a great race. We’ve got a few drivers making the move from oval racing. We have a few drivers who will be starting there rookie season and some very experienced drivers who have won a number of races and championships. Its going to be great to see the newer drivers progress, the oval racers go at it with each other and who will be the front runners in such a talented driver pool.’

It promises to be a great debut season for Cadet Kart Championship, we look forward to seeing you there – drivers and spectators alike!

If you are interested in CKC visit the website. www.cadetkartchampionship.co.uk.


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