Abarth 124 Rally gets 2020 season racing in Montecarlo

The Abarth 124 rally opens its fourth season of racing at the Montecarlo Rallye, the opening test of the WRC World Championship, exactly where it made its absolute debut in 2017.
At the start of the 2020 edition, the Belgians Luc Caprasse and Renaud Herman with a car managed by the Belgian team Motorsport International. Caprasse has already achieved category successes in Belgium and Germany with the 124 Scorpion rally, on the occasion of the Saxony Rally and the Rally Stadt.
Also this year, as every year, in Montecarlo the greatest difficulty for the riders will be the unknown weather. Its variability will make the course more and more technical with mixed situations which on the one hand will make it difficult to choose the tires, on the other hand they will enhance the general balance and the performance of the 124 rally that are enhanced precisely in these extreme conditions, as they have shown the results in previous editions.
The Abarth 124 rally has indeed achieved excellent results on the insidious and difficult route of the Montecarlo Rallye, showing performance, competitiveness and reliability since its debut.
In 2017, at his debut in the Rally on the mainly snowy roads of Montecarlo, the young Italian driver Fabio Andolfi had dominated the category, preceding the Frenchman Francois Delecour with another Abarth 124 rally. On slippery surfaces and with very different grip in the various sections of the course, the 124 rally already showed its characteristics: great balance, road holding and excellent traction.
In the 2018 edition, the Italian Andrea Nucita, thanks to the skills of the 124 rally, was included among the official full-time tractions participating in the WRC with an amazing fourth fastest time in the 9th special stage, Agnières-en-Dévoluy – Corps, the most snowy race.

In the 2019 edition of the Monegasque race, with the victory between the R-GTs, the Italian Enrico Brazzoli began his positive series of successes which then led him to conquer the FIA ​​R-GT Cup, in practice the World Grand Prix Tourism.
Also this year the Montecarlo Rallye will be the opening test of the Fia R-GT Cup, which is divided into 5 prestigious events: after the Monegasque race, the Ain-Jura Rally in France (8-9 March), Ypres Rally in Belgium (25-27 June), Rally Roma Capitale (24-26 July) and Rally Deutschland, valid for the World Cup (15-18 October).
In just three years the Abarth 124 rally has become the car to beat in the R-GT class, reaching a very high level of performance and reliability, and conquering the FIA ​​R-GT championship for two consecutive years, winning around 100 category races in the rallies across Europe and 10 national championships, this year the goal is to confirm its leadership in the category and continue the positive streak of success.
The Montecarlo Rallye starts from the Principality of Monaco at 5 pm on Thursday 23 January and ends on Sunday 26 at 1.48 pm. A route over 1000 km long with 16 special stages is scheduled for a total of 304.28 km of timed speed.

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