Fabio Barone readies new record attempt with Ferrari F8 Tributo

Fabio Barone does not give up, indeed he raises. The pilot has started preparing for a new speed record attempt during which he will have the opportunity to officially represent Italy. The president of the Ferrari Club Passione Rossa will be busy on July 4th in Belgrade on the highest cable-stayed bridge in the world: “I will try this new speed record with the new F8 Tributo. the Ada Bridge is currently the highest cable-stayed bridge in the world. We already have the support of great partners like Michelin, OMP and Mafra. Our engineers have already studied the difficulties of the feat”.

Barone then went on to give a picture of the situation he will face next summer: “One of the difficulties is represented by the presence of road joints which make the car lose grip every 7 or 8 tenths of a race. The technicians have hypothesized a virtual maximum speed of around 250 km/h. Michelin will supply us tires with 80% slick and 20% road. The biggest problem is represented by the final braking that will be completely in curve and therefore absolutely not optimal. However, we will have the bridge available for rehearsals as early as the night before with the opportunity to experience a charming environment and looking for the best possible race trim. I publicly thank the City of Belgrade and its Mayor Dr. Zoran Radojičić for the great opportunity given to me”.

Serbia is a beautiful region and Belgrade is a truly fascinating city.

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