Ferrari – 90 years of a legendary team

90 years of a legendary team

16th November 2019 marks Scuderia Ferrari, one of the most famous names in motorsport, celebrating its 90th anniversary. The company was officially founded on 16 November 1929 when papers were signed in the offices of the lawyer Alberto Della Fontana, in Modena, Italy. Scuderia Ferrari came into being with the intention of “buying Alfa Romeo racing cars and using them to take part in races, including those on the national calendar and on the calendar of the National Association of Automobile Clubs.”

Shareholders.  The company president was Mario Tadini and, apart from Enzo Ferrari, other shareholders were Alfredo and Augusto Caniato and Ferruccio Testi, Alfa Romeo and Pirelli. Enzo Ferrari’s idea began to form in his mind in 1929 and the spark came from a meeting with Caniato and Tadini a few weeks before the papers were signed, when the three men met in Cremona, at a celebration for Baconin Borzacchini setting a new world land speed record.

Debut. The team first raced in the 1930 Mille Miglia with its first win coming in the Trieste-Opicina on 15th June that year, courtesy of the great Tazio Nuvolari. The Scuderia also tried its hand at motorcycle racing from 1932 to ’34 and in fact it was in 1932 that the Prancing Horse first appeared on an Alfa Romeo entered by Ferrari. The design was inherited from war hero Francesco Baracca and placed on a yellow background, the colour of the city of Modena. It won first time out in the Spa 24 Hours with Antonio Brivio and Eugenio Siena driving.

Winning around the world.  Starting with Alfa Romeo cars and, as from 1947 with cars it built itself, Scuderia Ferrari gradually became the most successful racing team of all time, with hundreds of wins to its name in the most famous races in the world. In Formula 1, it has taken 16 Constructors’ and 15 Drivers’ titles, while in Endurance racing, it has won the Le Mans 24 Hours nine times, twice at Daytona as well as taking five FIA WEC titles and even several hillclimb wins.

Events.  To celebrate this anniversary in appropriate fashion on this special day with its fans, the Maranello team has posted a video on its social channels entitled “90 years in 90 seconds.” For hardcore fans there’s even a game called Memorabilia where one can learn even more about the Scuderia’s incredible history. There are also great celebrations taking place at the Maranello Museum, where visitors to the “90 Years” exhibition, will receive a special commemorative card.

Ferrari - 90 years in 90 seconds

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Debut and first victory

The 1930 Mille Miglia and Trieste-Opicina triumph

Enzo Ferrari had clear ideas right from the get-go: his Scuderia would make its debut in a highly prestigious race, the Mille Miglia. Three Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 GSs lined up for the 1930 edition, held on 13 April; the no. 62 crewed by Mario Tadini and Eugenio Siena; the no. 85 with Luigi Scarfiotti, father of future Italian GP winner Ludovico, and Guglielmo Carraroli; and the no. 90 driven by Alfredo Caniato and Carlo Sozzi. The competition didn’t pan out as hoped as none of the cars crossed the finish line.

Quick recovery
Scuderia Ferrari didn’t take long to make up for this setback. On 15 June, it took part in the Trieste-Opicina, a hill climb race covering 7.4 km from Piazza Dalmazia, in Trieste, to the obelisk in Opicina in the Karst region. The route was so fast that it came to be known as the “uphill Monza” and the Scuderia could count on Tazio Nuvolari, a real legend just awarded the Order of the Crown of Italy, and ready to put on a thrilling show for the fans in his Alfa Romeo P2. The last surviving witnesses say that the champion driver went into the tricky Cava di Faccanoni curve at full speed and, instead of slowing down, took advantage of the poor grip of the dirt road to make an impeccably controlled skid, without taking his foot off the accelerator even for a moment.

Record average
Nuvolari, with the mechanic Francesco Severi at his side, brought Scuderia Ferrari its first win, in the process setting a new record average of 95.151 km/h. It was the first in a very long series of victories that continues down to today.

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