Karting – Teeside Rounds 8 & 9

Last weekend saw the end of the Teeside IKR karting championship season. Traveling up on Friday afternoon with the forecast for the weekend being rain on Saturday and sunny on Sunday. We also had to squeeze in the end of the abandoned round 7 from last month. This was to happen early Saturday morning.

The weather turned out to be just as bad as last month, where I had a shocker. I had all sorts of issues on Saturday with transponders, setup, tyres and driving confidence. It was a really tough day. Plus wet and cold.

My transponder was not registering times, so round 7 was a total write-off. It was if I didn’t even drive. Then in round 8 qualifying, we noticed I didn’t have a time. This meant a transponder swap, and I was starting on the back row of 24 karts.

By the end of the day, I had worked my way up to 19th which was by far my worst finish of the season. Sunday had to be better!

Read more about Round 8 @ https://www.monkeymotorsports.co.uk/teeside-round-8/


We were up early Sunday, changing the kart to a dry setup. Lifting and widening the rear axle, narrowing the front, shifting the weights and obviously swapping the tyres. As Teeside is fixed gearing, there was no need to change the sprocket as at other tracks.

The track was still damp in the morning, which meant I qualified 16th, but at least I was feeling confident. The kart felt much better, so it was now a case of working my way up through the heats.

Read how I got on with a much more successful Sunday on my blog > https://www.monkeymotorsports.co.uk/the-teeside-final-round-9/

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