Karting – Teeside IKR Round 7

Leon Barlow

Another weekend away in a very wet Middlesbrough for round 7 of the Teeside Indikart race series. We went up on Friday night with forecast for Sunday being awful and me feeling even worse. I had a cold and had to power through school so I could turn up to race. Torrential rain was expected and the track at Teeside does not like water; the drainage is not great. But, as crazy as it sounds, we needed it to rain on Saturday so we could practice in such conditions ready for Sunday racing.

Saturday morning was wet but the sun was beating down in the afternoon so the track quickly dried. We got some good track time in but I was not well at all. I just could not concentrate on my driving 100%. Stuggling to get anywhere near my PB at Teeside.

Saturday night we had to change the kart for a complete wet setup. Front and rear track width, ride height, weight distribution and of course wet tyres. On Sunday morning, the weather did not let us down. I haven’t seen as much water since, well, the last time we came to Teeside. The qualifying session was delayed whilst the marshalls pumped water from the track. And when we did get going, it was more like a boat race. The day was tough to say the least. I still wasn’t feeling 100% and really struggled for any kind of pace at all.

We managed to do qualifying and heat 1 and 2, but at dinner, the race day was called off due to the weather. It was considered just too dangerous, with so much surface water you just couldn’t see if there was a kart in front of you. It was decided that heat 3 and the final would be run at the next round.

To be honest it was a bit of a relief as performace-wise it was not turning out to be my best race day…

You can read more about how I drove on my personal blog > https://www.monkeymotorsports.co.uk/teeside-round-7/


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