Fiat Panda – Grandpa’s Revenge?

Fiat’s latest advert for the much loved and popular Panda (an Enzari favourite don”t you know!), is a brilliant light hearted video short celebrating two important pillars of Italian life, Grandpa’s…and Panda.

‘Youngsters know everything about technology. Older people don’t. But will it really be like that? Discover it in this challenge signed by Fiat that sees old school and new generation face each other in a very special road race.’

So sit back, and take a few minutes out to enjoy…

For more information about the Fiat range visit www.fiat.co.uk or to locate your nearest Fiat retailer visit www.fiat.co.uk/retailers.

(Special thanks to Gianfranco G M Gentile)

Fiat Panda - Grandpa’s Revenge

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