Alfa Romeo Tonale Quadrifoglio F1 Edition Is Mouth Watering

Last week we featured how Alfa Romeo fans can expect more SUV’s from the Italian car maker as it meets customers wants and demands in a fast changing market. The first of those will be the Tonale, showcased in concept form earlier this year and expected to be officially launched as early as Autumn 2020.

Now hot on the heels of our latest story about an Alfa Romeo render – Montreal Vision GT,  – comes this Alfa Romeo Tonale Quadrifoglio F1 Edition by Luca Lazzini , of the famous IED Turin – College & University in Turin, Italy – and we rather like it.

Taking the livery from the Alfa Romeo Racing special edition Stelvio and Giulia, Luca has wrapped the recently leaked images of the Tonale in the same red and white livery of the Formula 1 racing team, giving us a glimpse of what a Quadrifoglio edition might look like.

Whilst the images are based on the Tonale on test in the Alfa Romeo clinic, of which has drawn some criticism from some, as the car has lost some design features, the slight differences are very minor and the Tonale SUV with the F1 livery looks pretty good,  even if the images show a hypothetical “base” version

The new Tonale will be the first Alfa Romeo plug-in hybrid model , with electrified all-wheel drive. It is expected to be offered with either Front or AWD , with the front and rear McPherson suspensions. Power should be around 280hp with typical Alfa sporty driving dynamics.

Alfa Romeo Tonale Concept Car of the Year 2019

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