Scuderia Ferrari: Singapore GP ‘always a special weekend’

Singapore Grand Prix – Sebastian and Charles: “The Marina Bay race is unique!”

Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc arrived in Singapore determined to do well, even if, on paper, the Marina Bay circuit is not best suited to the characteristics of the SF90. As usual in this city near the equator, the timetable is unusual and one change is that today’s technical briefings and press meetings take place before the track walk, as the drivers like to tackle that at night, in the same conditions and temperatures that they will encounter in qualifying and the race.


With the media. Sebastian was first up to face the press and he had clearly already put behind him the lacklustre race in Monza. “A driver experiences some positive and negative moments in his career. Obviously, the Italian weekend was not one of the best for me, but that’s in the past now. The Singapore track is one I like a lot and I’ve won here more than once. This is always a special weekend and a very interesting one for us drivers,” said the German. “On paper, we are not favourites, especially because this track requires a high level of aero downforce. Fortunately, we don’t race on paper, we race on a track surface between the barriers, so just about anything can happen.” Seb went on to explain what preparation is required for the hardest race of the year from a physical point of view. “We try to arrive here as late as possible. I actually got here yesterday, because, given the times we are on track, the secret is to stay on European time. So your body gets a bit confused and for us it’s like being at home, apart from the very hot conditions and the high level of humidity.”

Leclerc. Sebastian then handed the microphone to Charles who was asked about the days following his win in Monza. “Given that there were two consecutive races, there was no chance to celebrate in Belgium, but after the Italian GP I was able to celebrate in Milan and then back in Monaco, but especially in Maranello where I met the entire team, not just those who come to the Grands Prix. There are over a thousand guys and it was great to share a celebratory toast with them,” said the Monegasque, who is also the youngest ever driver to win for Scuderia Ferrari in Formula 1. Leclerc then went on to talk about Singapore. “I love all street circuits and this one is no exception. The fact it’s run at night creates an even more vivid impression of speed. Personally, I like it a lot and I think we’ve got what’s required to be front runners. We have some new parts on the SF90, which we hope will help us close the gap to our rivals on this type of track. As usual, the target is to finish as high up the order as possible, although we have to be realistic because it won’t be easy. Usually, I never drink during the race and I don’t even have water in the car, but this time I know I’ll be making use of the drinks bottle…”


On track. The first free practice starts at 16.30 local time (10.30 CET), with the second 90 minutes taking place under the spotlights from 20.30 to 22 (14.30-16 CET). On Saturday, the final practice is at 18 (12 CET) with qualifying at 21 (15 CET). The Singapore Grand Prix get underwat at 201.10 (14.10 CET).

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