Karting Wombwell IKR – Round 6

For the first time this season, I raced at Wombwell Karting. It’s only a small track with a sub 40 second lap time, but still fun. It has a long straight pushing 60 mph into a tight left. Make a mistake and there’s a nice tyre wall to smash into. As one of my teammates found out!

We practiced on the Saturday, getting right on the pace. During the day we were making changes to the kart setup, getting the right gearing, front and rear track width, and tyre pressures. My training with Terence Dove a couple of weeks ago has pushed me into trying more setup changes and learning/feeling the impact. With me dictating the changes, I could certainly feel the effect more than before.

A positive Saturday meant that Sunday was looking promising. A podium finish was definitely in my sights.

Unfortunately, and as does happen in motorsport, things didn’t quite go to plan!

Read more on my blog > https://www.monkeymotorsports.co.uk/wombwell-ikr-round-6/

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