Blog: Could Maserati Kill Off The Next Alfa Romeo Sports Car?

This week our friends at alfattitude share their thoughts on Maserati’s forthcoming Sports Car and will it have an effect on Alfa Romeo?

According to the latest informations coming from Italy, Maserati is in the final stage of developing a brand new sports car (code named #M240) featuring the interior of luxury GT, powered by a V6 Twin Spark Biturbo rear engine (Quadrifoglio evo!) with eAWD (plug in hybrid technology) and surprise, surprise, carbon fibre monocoque chassis developed in collaboration with Adler. The automotive company Cecomp is involved in overseeing the project and apparently this new car is coming in 2020 as a Coupe and later in 2021 in Targa form.

Realistically speaking, this appears to be a more luxurious version of what was supposed to be the Alfa Romeo 8C, as seen in Marchionne’s last industrial plan, presented last year. And that’s why we’re receiving these news with mixed feelings. It is true Maserati desperately needs a proper sports car in its line up, the GranTurismo is now 12 years old, it is also true that we’re living a complicated moment in the automotive industry, where investments must be carefully accounted for and directed where margins are higher… But we are left with the hope now that the promised 8C will still follow up!

Curious to hear what’s your take on this situation, let us know.

Alfattitide are Alfa Romeo enthusiasts and contributors find out more at www.alfattitude.com

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