ATS Automobili Italia Announce’s Race Car With ATS CORSA

“We try to build a car that can run and win – said Carlo Chiti in 1963, If we succeed well, otherwise our will have been an attempt to give prestige to the sport and as such will not be blamed”.

ATS Automobili Italia who brought us the the beautiful ATS-GT have announced the launch of the racing car design and development department, ATS CORSA to be unveiled September 14th at the Best of Italy Race event.

ATS Automobili Turismo e Sport is synonymous with exclusive motorcars and from now also with pure, race-bred machines, just like it was in the past. Thanks to the acknowledgments and to the success obtained with the GT, ATS is proud to announce the return of the Dragon in its natural habitat, the racetrack. After almost 60 years, the racing department is reborn as ATS CORSA.

ATS Corsa is ATS Automobili’s department dedicated to the research and development of competition cars that will also take care of the manufacturing, sales and assistance of each individual unit.

The new RR Turbo is a true sports-prototype disguised as a GT, able to take advantage of race-oriented aerodynamics. Its styling is based on the lines of the style maquette of presented at Top Marques at Montecarlo some years ago.
Its curb weight of 800kg and 600 hp produced by its forded-inducted 2.0l engine will make it a racing car capable of delivering a thrilling experience, typical of fine Italian engineering. The RR Turbo is dedicated to all those Customers which look for top level performance driving cars able to deliver an immediate confidence.

With the new RR Turbo, ATS’ Dragon will be back to burn the tarmac of the race track with a FIA E2 SH homologated motorcar. Aimed at both teams and privatateers and developed with ATS’s typical DNA characteristics of lightness and power, the RR Turbo is the ideal track-weapon for all those who want to win driving a pure and

We can’t wait to see the new ATS later this month.

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