789hp Hybrid Lamborghini Sián leaked ahead of unveiling

Last week we reported that Lamborghini is set to unveil it’s latest Supercar at the Frankfurt Motor Show, with influences from the concept Terzo Millennio the new Supercar will be the first raging bull to feature hybrid technology. Now it seem’s the Italian car has been leaked ahead of it’s official unveiling, interestingly by Lamborghini itself.

Appearing on Lamborghini’s very own “Unica” mobile app for customers and named ‘Sián’ , the single image shows a car similar in design to the Aventador with design touches from the Terzo Millennio. Unlike the Lamborghini it is based on, the Sian is slightly more subtle than the SVJ with more softened edges than the sharp angled SVJ, it will have an aggressive rear end with a massive diffuser, triple taillights and two large exhaust tips, and unique doors which channel air into angular side scoops.

The Sián is expected to have a traditional Lamborghini V12 engine, with the 6.5 litre engine from the Aventador SJV, producing 759 hp (566 kW / 770 PS) and 531 lb-ft (720 Nm) of torque.  Unlike the Aventador SVJ, though, the new Lambo will also have a 48V mild-hybrid electric motor that produces 30 hp (22 kW / 30 PS), giving the first hybrid in Lamborghini’s history a combined output of at least 789 hp (588 kW / 800 PS).

A hybrid electric Supercar has been on the cards for a while with Lamborghini, CEO Stefano Domenicali recently commented that, “It is possible, but together with a high-performance plug-in hybrid. Our final decision should combine what Volkswagen Group could offer in terms of available technology with what Lamborghini customers are asking for. This is the most difficult decision we have to take at Lamborghini and, luckily, we still have time to ponder all the available options.”

The ‘Sián’ is expected to cost around $3.5M but it is believed all 63 of  the limited Supercar’s are already sold out. The Hybrid Lamboghini is due to be confirmed today ahead of it’s official launch at the International Motor Show IAA in Frankfurt

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