Slammed Widebody Maserati Levante Is Not One For The Purists

The Maserati Levante was always going to be controversial amongst Maserati purists. It was the brand’s first SUV and the high ride height is certainly not a good thing in some people’s eyes. However, artist Brad Builds has given us a render of what a “slammed” Levante with a widebody kit could look like.

The first thing I noticed when I saw these renders was how stealthy the car was. The lowered body really does give the Levante a less bloated feel and, with black paint and wheels, it makes sure that the car only stands out due to its other features. Firstly, the wheels. They are huge. We don’t know what size, but I assume around 25″ deep dish wheels. These wheels certainly are unique and, with a little bit of camber, it makes the car seem even lower.

One of the stars of the show in this render is the widebody kit. The kit really exaggerates the wheel arches and gives the car more flare. It looks similar to a rally car with the size of the extended wheel arches. I like it, but I feel that the front end and the rear could be a little more aggressive. Maybe with the addition of a front splitter and a rally style rear wing and diffuser.

This is the sort of render I love to see. Imagine if Maserati decided to make a car like this and use it for the World Rally Championship or maybe the Dakar?…A Maserati rally car? Sounds pretty good to me!


Maserati Levante has play time in Dubai

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