Novitec’s Crazy 800 HP 488 Pista Will Blow Your Mind

So, the standard Ferrari 488 isn’t fast enough for you? Ferrari have you covered. As normal with their mid-engine V8 engine cars, they offered a faster version. The Pista produces 710 hp which is a lot more than the 660 hp that the 488 GTB produced. Ferrari thought that they would call it a day with the Pista’s huge amount of power. However, Novitec thought that the 488 Pista could do with a little more power.

Novitec are a company that tunes Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Maseratis. They have lots of different services, wether you want a visual upgrade for your car all the way to new exhaust systems and performance upgrades. These upgrades can drastically improve a cars performance and also give more aggressive looks. The 488 Pista is hardly a car that needs to be faster or look more aggressive. However, Novitec went to town on the Pista; and they did an incredible job too.

First, lets talk about the performance. Novitec have increased the power significantly over the standard car. They’ve used their own custom ECU to increase power by 82 hp over the Pista. This means it reaches 60 mp/h in a staggering 2.7 seconds and it will accelerate all the way up to 214 mp/h. This is serious performance, and it is incredible that Novitec have been able to improve the performance as much as they have in a car that is already blisteringly quick.

However, Novitec haven’t just made the Pista faster. They have also added some styling parts to the car. Parts include a new front wing and a rear spoiler lip along with other small modifications made from carbon fibre. They have also been tested in a wind tunnel to make sure they serve a purpose. There are also new wheels for the car that are also made by Novitec. The front wheels are 21″ with the rear ones being 22″. They have a centre lock system which give the wheels a cleaner look. New suspension also means that the car has a slightly dropped ride height. However, you can raise the nose of the car due to the hydraulic system to clear speed bumps and other similar enemies to the supercar driver.

The NOVITEC program for the 488 Pista has been developed for maximum form and function. The NOVITEC aerodynamic components provide improved aerodynamics, while giving the vehicle a more aggressive appearance. Motor performance has been achieved through upgraded engine management software and high quality exhaust systems available in the ultra lightweight material Inconel or stainless steel. To maximize driving performance, suspension components and tailor made wheel and tyre combinations provide maximum contact with the road.

Other upgrades include: A Novitec exhaust system, characterized by using the highest quality materials, a perfect fit and powerful sound characteristic. They are available as individual performance optimizing components with our without flap regulation. NOVITEC suspension and chassis technology offers many different possibilities, a complete suspension system that is fully adjustable with detailed specifications and parameters. The Pista program includes specially produced lights with custom black lenses, that give you the ability to add the finishing touch to your vehicle.

So, if you own a 488 Pista and you think it isn’t fast enough, go ahead. I think these modifications look fantastic. However, I’ve got to say it. There can’t be many people if any that think 710 hp isn’t enough power. But someone will tune their Pista with this kit, and I hope they enjoy the extra power that they get from it.


Novitec's Crazy 800 HP 488 Pista Will Blow Your Mind

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