Maserati Plans Model Changes From 2020

2019 has been a year of planning for luxury Italian carmaker Maserati, with rumours that one minute Maserati will not be doing electric vehicles to then saying they will offer a mix of both petrol engines and electric, coupled with the news a few months ago that Ferrari will not be renewing it’s contract with Maserati to supply them with it’s V8 petrol engines. Now the latest news to emerge is that Maserati has to a degree scrapped it’s plans set out in it’s 2018-2022 blueprint revealed only last year.

Headline grabbing news is that the GranTurismo, recently killed off in its current guise, will be back. It was expected that Maserati’s flagship car would be the long overdue but stunning Alfieri but now it seems bosses at Maserati have decided the carmaker has room for both in it’s plans. With the Alfieri expected to start production next year and due to be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2020, it’s recently revealed plans suggest the GranTurismo will  return twelve months later in 2021. Maserati’s revised blueprints note every car it releases beginning in 2020 will be offered with a battery-electric powertrain (Maserati Blue) however we expect any new GT to have a more conventional petrol engine.

Maserati will no doubt keep any new Gran Turismo and the forth coming Alfieri in two separate car segments, the company has previously stated it is intent on ensuring no ‘inhouse cannibalism’ of models occurs in it’s line up.  . The Gran Turismo, and Gran Cabrio expected in 2023, will be a more traditional 2+2 grand tourer, while the Alfieri will be a more focused sports car aimed at the likes of the Porsche 911.

Before that however, next year will see Maserati give three of it’s models a mid-cycle refresh, the Levante, Ghibli, and Quattroporte, with the Quattroporte expected to get an all new model in 2022. Despite rumours recently suggesting any plans for a  ‘Baby SUV’ to the Levante have been dropped, according to the latest information, such plans are still going ahead with the smaller SUV expected in 2021 and the Levante itself due an all new model in 2023.

The other interesting talking point to come out from this latest plan is no mention of a replacement Ghilbi model, the executive car appears to have been dropped, an interesting move in a market still so important to it’s competitors from BMW, Mercedes and Jaguar, although it is very likely Maserati see’s the smaller SUV to arrive in two years time as the vehicle to fill the void in an ever changing market should the Ghibli get dropped.

As always with Maserati, indeed with many car makers, these plans are purely blueprints and like most blueprints subject to change so I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see things alter between now and any forthcoming model launches.


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