Karting Rowrah Round 2 – Another new track

This weekend we travelled up to a new track. Somewhere I’ve never driven before. On Friday night we went to Rowrah and the Cumbria Kart Racing Club. The track is set in a quarry and what a track it is.

The weather was good for the most part, until the final race. I had a good days practice on Saturday, aside from some clutch issues. I managed to get 5 sessions in, a total of around 40 laps, ahead of Sundays championship racing. Not a huge amount but enough. Each session throughout the day I got faster and more confident. Finding the the best lines around the track. It was a little different than other tracks I had driven as it was quite hilly. Straight after the start line there is a chicane up a blind hill. You have to commit at full throttle, not knowing what was at the top. Also, there are a couple of long straights ending in tight hairpins meaning that choosing the correct gearing is critical. Run a high sprocket and you have no top end for the straights, but run a low sprocket and you have no pull out of the corners.

When Sunday came, I was confident on being in the top half of the grid. I was easily quicker than some of the drivers, but a few (especially two more seasoned drivers) where super quick. Qualifying went ok, I managed to get my best time of the weekend putting me 8th on the grid. I managed 6th and 7th in the two heats but then yet again, I had an awful end to day with the final race.

Unfortunately there is no YouTube for this weekend so you can read what happened on personal blog at monkeymotorsports.co.uk/rowrah-ikr-round-3/ 

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