FCA Offers Beautiful Pininfarina Spidereuropa From It’s Reloaded Heritage Project

Reloaded by creators is the FCA Heritage project involving the sale of a small number of classic cars belonging to the Group’s four brands: unique models, with certified authenticity, restored to their original beauty by the Constructor itself. Each car’s timeless beauty lives again thanks to the care, know-how and passion of our team of experts at the Officine Classiche. From discovery, through painstaking scouting work, to restoration, and from promotion to return to the market: a “complete cycle” that adds cultural worth to a car’s financial value. We have featured a few of the cars FCA Heritage have offered through it’s Reloaded project, from Fiat and Alfa Romeo, the latest is a rather special roadster from the 80’s.

In response to the great success of the Fiat 124 Sport Spider, in 1982 Pininfarina launched a suitably updated version in Europe, calling it the “Spidereuropa” to distinguish it from the version specifically prepared for the US market, the car made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show.

The 124 Abarth Rally’s sustained success in competitions, combined with the abiding appeal of this timeless spider, convinced Pininfarina to bring its highly sought-after creation back to Europe.  The twin-tube bumper required by U.S. regulations was eliminated from the European version, improving the car’s profile and restoring much of its original elegance. The side marker lights were also removed along with the rear seat bench, turning the spider into a two-seater. Further updates included the dashboard instruments, mechanicals and chassis setup, which were derived from the Fiat 131 and the Argenta.

The Pininfarina Spidereuropa was powered by a two litre, four cylinder engine producing 105 HP, and had electronic injection and ignition. Thanks to its light weight – only just over 1000 kg – this lightweight roadster with just two seats easily reached a top speed of more than 180 km/h. The car on show has undergone meticulous restoration of its bodywork, mechanicals and interior. After certification by the FCA Heritage team of experts, it is offered for sale within the Reloaded by Creators programme.

ENGINE: Inline-4 Otto Cycle, DOHC, anterior longitudinal, 1.995 cm³
POWER: 105 HP @ 5.500 rpm
SPEED:180 km/h
WEIGHT:1060 kg
DESIGN:Pininfarina (Tom Tjaarda)

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