Abarth 124 Rally Takes Victory in European Championship ERC2

New victory in the European Championship ERC2 for the Abarth 124 rally with the Italian Andrea Nucita in the Barum Rally Zlin, in Czech Republic

Second consecutive success – and third seasonal – for the Abarth 124 rally in the European Championship ERC2 which, with the Italian team Andrea Nucita and Bernardo Di Caro, won its category in the Barum Rally Zlin, sixth race in the continental series, held in Czech Republic. Thanks to this victory Nucita got closer to the top of the rank of the European Championship ERC2, in which he now has only one gap of 5 points from the leader, the Argentinian Juan Carlos Alonso.

A difficult and insidious race, with fast special races that allowed the Abarth 124 to show its competitiveness and to rule the category, in front of all-wheel drive cars and achieving interesting times in special stage.

In the first part of the race Nucita, with the Abarth 124 of Bernini Rally, found himself to fight for the first place with the Polish Dariusz Polonski and Lukasz Sitek, on the Abarth 124 rally of Rallytechnology team, the winners of the previous European appointment, the Roma Capitale Rally. The Polish team lost some time at the end of the first leg, but in the second leg they got a third place, that allows them to be in the challenge for the European Championship ERC2 and for the Abarth Rally Cup. Despite the withdraw for a swerve off the road, the Italian Zelindo Melegari, with Corrado Bonato, is still competing for the title, with a gap from the first of 12 points.

In the Abarth Rally Cup Nucita strengthen his leadership and now precedes Polonski by 8 points, when there is only one race left before the end, the Hungarian Rally, scheduled for the 8-10 of November.

Andrea Nucita (Bernini Rally): “It’s been a very difficult race: it is not easy to manage the first place in such fast special races, but winning was essential to succeed in both championships”.

Dariusz Polonski (Rallyetechnology): “What a pity for the first race: we were driving very fast on these streets that perfectly accommodates the Abarth 124’s features. The result keeps us in the game and we focus on the final race”.

The Abarth 124 rally return in race next weekend with the Italian Enrico Brazzoli, with Manuel Fenoli, in the prestigious Germany rally, valid for the WRC and for the FIA R GT Cup, driving an Abarth 124 rally. Brazzoli is on top of the rank in the GT championship and could already win the cup after this race.

Abarth Rally Cup after Rally Barum Zlin:  1. Nucita (ITA) 102; 2. Polonski-Sitek (POL)94; 3. Monarri-Chamorro (SPA) 25; 4. Garcia Perez-Diaz Negrin (SPA) e Melegari-Bonato (ITA) 18;  6.  Nitišs-Kulšs(LVA) 15.

European Rally Championship ERC2 after Rally Barum Zlin: 1. Juan Carlos Alonso (ARG) Mitsubishi 114; 2. Andrea Nucita (ITA) Abarth  109; 3. Zelindo Melegari  (ITA) Abarth e Mitsubishi 101; 4. Dariusz Polonski (POL) Abarth 94; 5. Mashari Altefiri (KWT) Mitsubishi 48.

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