Pogea Turn Giulia Quadrifoglio into 610 HP Beast

The majority of people don’t think that the Alfa Romeo Guilia Quadrifoglio is slow. Producing 510 HP, you would think that power is more than enough for the majority of people. However, Pogea Racing have decided that the standard car is too tame for their liking.

Pogea racing are a company that offer lots of upgrades to all types of cars, we have featured Pogea Racing previously here at Enzari, impressing us with their work, most recently the companies ZEUS. One of the main services they offer is chip tuning. If you aren’t familiar with chip tuning, it allows for the engine to produce more power due to a remapped ECU. Chip tuning can also lead to other benefits like improved fuel economy. This car has the stage 2 chip tuning kit, that increases power all the way to 610 HP, and torque is limited to a massive 799 Nm. This is a huge power hike, and it really does show. Flat out, this QV can do almost 207 mph (333 kph) which is a staggering figure for a car that is, at the end of the day, a 4 door family saloon. However, the new chip isn’t the only modification that Pogea made to this car.

Firstly, lets talk about the new wheels, the Forged QM deep concave wheels. These are the lightest wheels that Pogea make. To make them even more special, the wheels are painted in a unique metallic grey. This helps to make the car stand out from other Quadrifoglios that don’t have these modifications. I think they look stunning. The car has also been fitted with Pogea’s monster exhaust double valve system, which allows the V6 twin turbo to really sing when those valves are open. New ST suspension also lowers the car, giving the gorgeous body an even more aggressive look.

What isn’t there to like? A heavily tuned Alfa that could give a lot of supercars a run for their money? I do like the sound of that. The speed that the Alfa has is just ridiculous, and when it also looks as good as it does, it’s a no brainer in my view, as long as you have enough money lying about to get a Quadrifoglio and tune it in the first place!


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