Maserati Set to Unveil Two New Electric Models

Maserati are a brand that seem to have been extremely quiet in recent years. Their newest car, the Levante, was released in April of 2016. However, the brand appear to be planning two exciting new models, to release next year.

The Maserati Alfieri was first shown at the Geneva Motor Show of 2014. However, the brand has made a few tweaks since they first revealed it. The original car at the show was based on the GranTurismo MC Stradale. However, it had a much shorter wheelbase. It also used the same 4.7 litre V8 as the MC, producing 460 bhp and 383 pound-feet of torque. However, fast forward a few months and Maserati announced their production plans. The engine changed from a V8 to a V6, that could be had in 3 different power configurations. They will have 410, 450 and 520 bhp. Little was said after 2014. However, in June 2018 that Maserati mentioned producing the Alfieri again, when it produced a production roadmap from 2018-2022. Maserati also mentioned in a press release regarding the future of their Modena plant in February, that a “characteristically Maserati sports car” will enter production in Modena. The first customer cars are expected to be built by the end of 2020.

The Alfierri is by far one of the most high tech Maserati’s ever produced. The headline feature of the car is the plug-in hybrid powertrain. The first of its kind on a Maserati. Active aerodynamics are also on the agenda which should help the car feel as modern as cars made from brands such as Ferrari. Full torque vectoring and an aluminium spaceframe should also make the final production car. The car is focusing on making sure that the hybrid powertrain doesn’t make the car too heavy. According to Maserati, it should only add 175 Kg over the standard engine without the batteries. The car will also have all wheel drive.

Maserati are also planning a brand new SUV to rival the Porsche Macan. The car would be smaller than the Levante and will probably bring in more sales to the brand. Hopefully, it will be like a smaller Levante, as I think it is a fantastic looking car.

The new SUV will be smaller than the current Levante


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