Happy Birthday Fiat! A 120 Years Young

Fiat Turns 120 Years Old in Style With New Special Edition Models

In 1899, 7 businessmen from Turin decided to invest in the motor industry, which at this stage was very much still in its infancy. They founded The Società Anonima Fabbrica Italiana di Automobili on the 11th of July on the same year. However, this name was later shortened to Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino, which is what the letters in Fiat stand for. The concept was to produce the relatively new motorcar on a much wider scale.

Fiat are celebrating their 120th birthday by creating special models throughout their 500 family. in this article, I will go through some of the important Fiats and how they led to create the 500 family as we know it today.

The First Fiat

By 1900, Fiat with a workforce of about 30, had created their first ever car. It was called the 3½ HP and was built at Corsa Dante. The car was similar in look to the carriages that horses would pull during the period, however it did not need the horse due to the small two cylinder engine that powered it. 26 of the 3½ HP were originally produced. This car was the start of a company that is now recognized as one of the biggest in the motor industry. The most famous body style of the 3½ HP was the “Duc” which was designed by Marcello Alessio, however others were available.

Ten years after the release of their first car, Fiat decided to go into motorsport. They believed that this was the best way of promoting their cars and the brand. So the 24 HP Corsa was built in 1902, the first ever Fiat that was built to go racing. Fiat had success with cars that came frim the 24 HP Corsa. For example, the S61 Corsa finished 3rd at the first ever Indy 500 of 1911, and then won the US Grand Prix of 1912.

The First 500

The year is now 1936, and Fiat were about to create an icon of the motor industry. The Fiat 500 A “Topolino.” The name was given to the car due to the funny body shape. Topolino is the Italian name for Mickey Mouse. This car was a fantastic car due to the price. This car allowed for so many people to buy their first ever car. There were 3 body styles. The 2 door hardtop, the “transformable” edition which is a similar concept to the current 500c. There was also a van version that was built for the Italian Army.

The 500 B was released in 1948 which had various improvements over the A model. Just a year later, the 500 C was released in 1949 which saw the car receive a much more modern body. Over the lifespan of the car, over 500,000 were produced.

The Fiat 600

The Fiat 600 was the first Fiat that produced over 1,000,00 units. There were 1,000 being produced per day. This car also introduced the Multipla name that had 3 seats in the front and the back. The 600 was produced all the way until 1969, and was the most successful Fiat ever at the time.

The Nuova 500

The Nuova 500 was the car that was meant to replace the Topolino. It used many of the technologies from the larger 600 such as the famous overhanging rear engine. It was powered by an air cooled two cylinder engine. However, it didn’t sell well immediately (probably due to the success of the 600.) However, with some tweaks to the body styles available, such as a minivan, the car was a huge success. The car was produced with minor updates all the way from 1957 until 1975 when it was replaced by the 126. Roughly 4 million cars were built.

The New 500

That was the end of the 500 body shape. That was until 2008, when the car was reborn into one of the best city cars on the market today. It’s popularity was so great that Fiat decided to create a whole family of 500s. Consiting of the 500, 500L, 500XL (now the 500L wagon) and 500X. These cars are the focus of the Fiat 120th Birthday celebrations, as they have some special edition models. The perk of the special edition model is a free 6 months of apple music that comes with these models. There are also some unique colours and wheel. It also includes the 120th anniversary badge.

Fiat are also celebrating by making Authenticity Certification and restoration services to classic Fiat owners. This is a fantastic way to make sure that your classic Fiat is seen for the fantastic car that it is.




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