FCA Can Sell You An Original Fiat 124 Sport Spider

You might not be able to buy the current and quite frankly very good Fiat 124 Spider in the UK at the moment (although we hear rumours it will be back?!) However if you long for a little two seater Italian spider with the FIAT badge on and also like your classic cars, then FCA can sell you an original 124 Sport Spider. The car in question was recently acquired by FCA Heritage within their ‘Reloaded by Creators program, and has undergone several restoration operations.

The Fiat 124 Sport Spider was a convertible sports car marketed by Fiat from 1966-1985. Designed by Tom Tjaarda for coachbuilder Pininfarina, the 124 Sport Spiderwas presented at the Turin Auto Show in 1966 – the same year another iconic Italian roadster was launched, the Alfa Romeo Spider “Duetto”. Although its mechanics were largely based on the Fiat 124 Berlina, the vehicle immediately stood out for its sporty features. The car showcased here was one of the first made, as can be deducted from the chassis number.

The 124 Sport Spider, 124 Sport Coupe and 124 saloon share much of their running gear – and, in the case of the coupé, platforms. The Sports Spider uses a shorter platform along with a shorter wheelbase, and in contrast to the Pinifarina styled and manufactured spider, Fiat designed and manufactured the coupé in-house.

The four-cylinder engine used in the spider and coupe is a double overhead cam, aluminum crossflow head version of the sedan’s pushrod unit. It started in 1966 with a capacity of 1438 cc progressively increasing to 1608 cc in 1970 (although this was reduced to 1,592 cc in 1973),

The model available with FCA Heritage is truly one for the collectors, the interiors (carpeting, door panels and leather upholstery) have been replaced in keeping with original features the top was cleaned and the vinylite window polished. A general mechanical check-up and complete bodywork polishing were also carried out. The tyres, rims and wheels have been replaced.

A truly desirable Italian classic roadster this Fiat 124 Sport Spider won’t be around for long, we would highly recommend it for your collection if you can, we certainly would!

inline-4, anterior longitudinal, DOHC, 2 double body carb, 1608 cm³
110 HP @ 6.500 rpm
178 km/h
995 kg (dry weight)

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