Denanni’s Incredible Abarth 500 Hillclimb Car

A small tuning company from Italy called Denanni have created one of the most aggressive Abarth 500s that the world has ever seen. It is called the 500 X12R and it js quite frankly ridiculous; but ridiculous in a very good way.

The Styling

The X12 R is an ultra modern racing car, built to take on the challenges of hillclimb racing. The first thing you notice is the extreme front splitter, that has the look of a splitter that would be found on a Pikes Peak car. This splitter then curves its way over the wheels and into the extremely low side skirts. The skirts create ground effect and downforce, making the car stick through the corners. Downforce is also created with the fibreglass rear wing.  All the aero is made by Denanni in their workshop. Then we move to the roof, where a massive air vent lies. Along with those on the side, this will help cool the engine.

The Engine

The engine is one of the things that makes this car unique. The car has a central, transversal, twin-engine Kawasaki ZX12-R Bi-Volumex electric. As the name suggests, it has two motorbike engines and an electric motor. The electric motor gives an extra power boost of around 100 HP. The engine produces an estimated 600 HP without the electic overboost. The gearbox is an Electronic PowerShift Shifter that also has flappy paddles on the wheel.


The Chassis

The chassis has been modified from the original car to comply with the technical regulations of FIA hillclimb racing. The chassis has been strengthened and reinforced and a fire extinguisher has been added. The suspension  has also been completely been redesigned and reconstructed, with overlapping wishbones and dampers derived from motorcycles. It also has electronically assisted steering to help with the handling of the car. The brakes have also seen some big improvements, with Brembo 18×8 on the front, and 18×3 on the rear in order to help the car stop well.

Denanni have created a fantastic little car here that would be extremely fast going up a hillclimb. I’m sure that we’ll see this car proving how good it really is very soon.


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