Abarth 124 to compete in hometown rally in Rome

The Abarth 124 compete in the hometown rally in Rome. Three teams at the start of the 5° stage of the ERC and 4° appointment of the Abarth Rally Cup.

Three Abarth 124 rally are at the start of the Rally of Roma Capitale, fifth stage of the ERC and fourth appointment of the Abarth Rally Cup, the single-branded championship for Abarth. A race that already saw the Abarth 124’s spirit and competitiveness in 2017 and 2018, with its achievements in the FIA R-GT’s cup. In 2017 Fabrizio Andolfi had won the championship, before Andrea Nucita and Andrea Modanesi; in 2018 the French team of Milano Racing, Rapahel Astier, preceded Modanesi and Andrea Nucita. Astier then won the FIA R-GT’s cup.

The track of the Roma Capitale rally has quite long special stages with variations of fast tracks and technical ones on irregular roads with different tractions. These uneven conditions are congenial for the scorpio’s spider, because of the car’s balance, the supply’s characteristics and the possibility of regulating, in actual time, the parameters relative to the power of the engine and the calibration of the transmission. Because of these features, the car is able to express the performances at its best, as it was already demonstrated in difficult situations such as the ice and the snow of the winter’s races.
At the Roma Capitale rally Francesco Italo Senesi will debut as sports director, succeeding Giovanni Bernacchini. Senesi has a past in Abarth, where he performed many jobs and has worked alongside Bernacchini in the sports department and in the development of Abarth’s customer sport project.

Three Abarth 124 rally in the Italian competition of the European Championship. The first team has the Italian Andrea Nucita, with the Romenian Alina Pop, on the 124 rally of the Bernini rally team. Nucita is leading the rank of the Abarth rally cup, in front of the polish Dariusz Polonski and Lukasz Sitek, of the Rallytechnology team, the second team.

A news in the Rally of Roma is the debut of the Italian couple of Zelindo Melegari and Corrado Bonato, driving the third Abarth 124 rally.

Andrea Nucita (Bernini Rally): “Of course we are focusing on success not only in the Abarth rally cup, but in the ERC2 as well. As far as the ranking goes it’s not far from the other two and this track is favorable for our car”.

Zelindo Melegari (Bernini Rally): “I want to try the Abarth 124 rally on tarmac. This is a great car, fun to drive on this kind of track. Furthermore, being an Italian pilot on an Italian Car is quite exciting”.


Dariusz Polonski: “I have more experience on tarmac than on dirt-track, but not with the Abarth 124 rally, since I have competed two races on dirt-track and only one in dirt-track. In Rome I am expecting the Italians to be very fast”.

The Roma Capitale rally will start at Castel Sant’Angelo on Friday the 19th at h19,00. On Saturday there will be the first stage, which starts in Fiuggi at h8,00 and arrives at h20,40 after 6 hours of special stages. On Sunday, the final day, the stage will be starting in Fiuggi at h7,30 and arriving in Lido di Ostia at h20,30, after 10 special stages. Overall, the itinerary measures 850km, of which 203 are timed, on 16 special stages.

Rank of the Abarth Rally Cup before the Roma Capitale Rally: 1. Nucita (ITA) 62; 2. Polonski-Sitek (POL) 51; 3. Monarri-Chamorro (SPA) 25; 4. Garcia Perez-Diaz Negrin (SPA) 18; 5.  Nitišs-Kulšs (LVA) 15.

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