The Lamborghini Huracan “Follow Me” Car That Guides Planes

Picture Manchester Airport. The only vehicles that you really see are the buses that go to terminals, fire engines, trucks etc. A supercar is the last thing you expect to see on the runway, unless you’re talking about Bologna Gugliemo Marconi International Airport.

Italy has always been known to do things a little differently. For example, the Italian Police famously have a fleet of Lamborghinis. These are quite something when you compare it to the standard police car fleet here; usually a bunch of Vauxhalls or Peugeots. Not what you’d call exciting. Italy however uses Lamborghinis for more than just their police force.

Enter the Huracan LP580-2 “Follow Me” car, in its current colour scheme of what appears to be the Lamborghini colour of Grigio Titans combined with yellow accents. This makes the car easy to spot for pilots. However, if they still haven’t seen the bright accents and sharp lines of the Huracan’s body, the car features orange lights on the top that display the words “Follow Me”; which also appear on the side of the car too. The Italian supercar maker took to social media to show off the Huracan’s new livery, which has been designed by the official Centro Stile Lamborghini styling department.


The LP580-2 is the entry level Huracan, of course, with rear wheel drive rather than the AWD that you see on the other Huracan models. This creates a hair raising driving experience, due to all 572 BHP going to the rear wheels. In my opinion, the rear wheel drive Huracan is fantastic as it is more ridiculous than the AWD model is. That is what a Lambo should be.

So then, what is a day in the life of this Lambo like?

Sadly, it isn’t spending the day doing high speed runs up and down the runway. The Huracan does have an extremely important role within the airport however, as it makes sure that the planes that have landed make it to the correct gate. It’s not as if anyone can do this job however, as it requires a well-trained aircraft ground control marshal. So sadly for those planning to move to Italy so they can call a Lamborghini Huracan their office, it might not quite work out that way unless you’re willing to go through all of the training.

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