Onyx Aventador SX Is Stunning Bespoke Lamborghini

Modified Lamborghini’s are nothing new, almost monthly a new one hits the car pages with specialists in Italy, Germany and the USA, however not many from our own shores here in the UK but this stunning example you see is from British tuner Onyx.

It’s fair to say Onyx are probably better known for tuning Range Rovers, Bentleys and Rollers’ rather than Italian Supercars, with various football players as you can imagine among their client list. However it is the Aventador package named the SX that has come to our attention.

Unveiled this week, information on the Aventador SX is a bit thin on the ground but going off the photos that Onyx have shown it seem’s to use the Aventador S as its ‘base car’ with quite a few modifications, such as matte gold wheels, yellow brake calipers, and distinct side skirts.

However this Lamborghini concept is more than just some shiny wheels with the body taking on a distinctive new front bumper featuring larger air intakes along with a carbon front splitter, a new bonnet with a small air intake and a pair of subtle air vents giving the raging bull an edgy fascia.

Modifications continue round the back, Onyx have created a special rear wing for the Aventador SX in front of the existing active rear wing and a new rear window incorporating two side spoiler plates creating small aerodynamic fins. Carbon fibre continues with different air vents and other trimmings with the rear bumper getting a complete redesign.

Onyx have decided, probably quite rightly to keep all modifications on the surface with no changes or upgrades to the heart of the Lamborghini, the ‘standard’ 6.5-litre V12 engine in the Aventador S left well alone. After all with 730hp, a top speed of 217 mph and 0-62mph in 2.9 seconds with all that power being sent through four wheels and a seven-speed transmission, the Aventador SX probably has enough for any potential customers to cope with.

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