Maserati Won’t Make Smaller Cars

It seem’s of late Maserati has been coming out with a few bold statements, most notably that it will not ditch petrol engines despite car makers joining electric avenue, Maserati it seem’s will offer both. Now in an interview with Autocar, the Italian luxury car manufacturer has said it will not build small cars, smaller cars that is to those in it’s current range such as the Ghibli and Levante.

This seem’s to go against what they had to say less than twelve months ago when a smaller Levante was set to join the range, an electric based luxury SUV to take on the likes of Porsches Macan. Maserati boss Harald Wester has now said “You don’t want to go down. You want to go up,” in a statement when asked about the companies latest product plan, going on to say that smaller models would make Maserati seem like a mass-market brand, which would go against how the company is seen; as a luxury-prestige carmaker. Producing smaller cars would also see lower profit margins, something the company can’t afford to cut back on.

Certainly Maserati finds itself at a bit of a crossroads at the moment, with Ferrari recently saying they would no longer supply it’s engines within the next few years, if Maserati is indeed going to carry on offering petrol engines as well as electric it need’s a new supplier, unless as has been rumoured it moves closer to Alfa Romeo and we see some kind of engine sharing scheme between the two. This would go some way to explaining why Maserati no longer will develop a smaller SUV, it would after all find itself up against the Alfa Romeo Stelvio, itself the best SUV in it’s class.

Platform sharing with Alfa Romeo could also make sense for the company as it looks to launch a new Ghibli within two years. The “Giorgio” platform used for the Giulia and Stelvio could lend itself nicely to a next generation Ghibli, a car that sits about the Giulia class wise which would also mean Alfa Romeo would have no need to consider building a larger saloon.

The next car expected from Maserati is the much anticipated replacement for the GranTurismo, the Alfieri, a car which should have been with us already by now but due to various delays the GT has been put back several times but is now expected to finally be available in 2020 with sales starting the following year. The Alfieri will mark Maserati’s launch of it’s electric power units, with performance-oriented hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and electric power all set to be offered across it’s product range as well as select petrol variants.



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