Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato – Concept to Reality?

Lamborghini chief technical officer, Maurizio Reggiani, has hinted at the future of the concept Huracan, suggesting that it could go into limeted production in the future.

We covered the unvailing of the stunning Huracan Sterrato a few weeks back on the website, however since then there have been some interesting developments with this car and its future.

We live in the age where SUVs are taking over the market. Now I do not dislike SUVs, in fact I actually quite like the concept of them. However, the Lamborghini Urus has never been my cup of tea. For me, I never saw an SUV from Lamborghini as a good thing, however I completely understand why they made the Urus due to the high demand from customers for an SUV.

The Huracan Sterrato however has given us a car built for off road that doesn’t come in the bulky, heavy form of an SUV. This car reminds me of the beast of a Group 4 rally car, the Ferrari 308 GTB, which won the Tour de Course famously in 1981. I think that that car was truly stunning. I love the idea of raising the suspension of a supercar and putting on beefy, dirt tyres to take on rally stages. I’ve always been fascinated by rally cars in the past such as the 308 and the extremely successful Lancia Stratos. These rally cars really brought Itallian style and flare to the rally stage; something that regretably doesn’t appear on the current WRC grid of plain hatchbacks covered in sponsors.

Ferrari 308 GTB Group 4

Anyway, back to the Lambo; and it’s future. There are some concept cars that don’t make production. Some with good reason, others seem not to. I thought that the Sterrato would come under this catagory of never making production.

However, Maurizio Reggiani has made comments, suggesting that the Sterrato could become a reality. According to Auomotive Magazine , Reggiani spoke freely about how the car could be built at a profit. He says that it will be possible by 3D printing all restyled or new body panels, claddings, ducts, and splitters. These parts are made from a lightweight, synthetic material that Lamborghini has produced that will be bolted on to the finished body. He describes the Sterrato as a Huracan with the abilities of a crossover, however this is a little bit different than your standard crossover. You wouldn’t exactly call it a rival to crossovers such as the Fiat 500X.


A fair comparison?

Rumours suggest that the model will be limeted to 500-1,000 units, priced at around €240,000 (approximately £215,000.) In my opinion, this car could be extremely important for the brand. With the replacement for the Huracan not looking to be around the corner, keeping customer interest in the Huracan line is extremely important for the brand. A limited edition such as the Sterrato will definately keep interest in the line in my opinon, due to its unique nature. The Sterrato is one of many Huracans set to be released in the coming years; with the STO (Super Trofeo Omologato) set for release next year, a Hybrid potentially in 2022 and then the Superveloce expected to launch in 2023. These are definately exciting times for the Huracan.

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