Maserati Vows Not To Go All Electric

As the motor industry faces one of its biggest changes in its history with carmakers joining electric avenue from mass producers to Supercar makers going hybrid, full electric or somewhere inbetween, it seems Maserati is not completely converted or rather won’t be.

Speaking to reporters this week, Al Gardner, head of Maserati North America said Maserati will never go all electric “This is a brand that needs combustion engines, it needs that raw emotion” Gardner said.

Gardner also said that he feels the brand needs a return to its roots, roots that where founded in racing cars. Quite how this would work in the current market which seems more interested in Sports SUV’s than Sports Cars could be interesting, but many would certainly welcome a successor to the MC12.

Despite the talk of racing cars, Maserati will be continuing with its current plan set out by parent company FCA last year, this will include a midsize SUV slotting under the Levante, competing against the likes of Porsche’s Macan.

Maserati will still continue with it’s hybrid and electric programme despite Gardner’s comments with the brand expected to have a line up of hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and electric vehicles within two years however it has not confirmed what form of electrification each model will get.

The much delayed Maserati Alfieri could be the car that retains a petrol engine, due to arrive in 2020 the successor to the GranTurisml/GranCabrio model, a V8 under the bonnet would make it the ideal car to continue with Gardner’s ideal of sticking to Maserati’s roots, although an electric version of the Alfieri is also expected.

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