Maserati To Go Self Driving With BMW

Maserati Confirms Upgrade Of It’s Modena Plant For New Model

Maserati might have recently stated its future models will not be going totally electric as the brand feels it needs to keep a connection to its roots but that doesn’t mean the luxury car maker is not embracing the modern technological changes altogether.

As part of the FCA group it seems Maserati could be the brand to spearhead the groups self driving future. Two years ago Fiat Chrysler joined a self-driving vehicle technology consortium led by BMW with a automotive parts supplier owned by computer chip maker Intel – https://enzari.com/2017/08/fiat-chrysler-joins-bmw-intel/ – now it seems this collaboration is coming to fruition.

According to reports during a speech in Turin, John Elkann, chairman of FCA, has announced Maserati will be the first brand in the group to use the autonomous vehicle technology developed with BMW,  Elkann however didn’t go on to say when the technology would be offered in a production vehicle or indeed which model it would feature in.

Ferrari has recently announced it will no longer supply Maserati with its engines meaning the Italian prestige car maker will have to look elsewhere. With plans in place to completely renew its range by 2022, self driving technology could work well for the brand as it launches its next generation models.

Parent company FCA also has a relationship with Waymo, Google’s autonomous vehicle arm. With Waymo currently having an open order for over 60,000 Chrysler Pacifica people movers, which it plans to convert into self-driving taxis at its new facility in Detroit, access to the technology for the FCA group is widely available.

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