Maserati Diatto Is The Supercar Of The Future We Want Today

Not since the Ferrari Enzo based MC12 has Maserati brought us a supercar, the MC12 although sister car to the fabulous Enzo was itself a stunning car, captivating the style and prestige of Maserati wrapped up in a glorious looking Supercar that in many eyes looked better than the Enzo itself.

Whilst Maserati in the real world is currently restructuring it’s model line up unfortunately for us any future models will not include a new Supercar. Step forward designer Ben Thompson who has taken Maserati’s term “the opposite of ordinary” and used this ethos to create what he see’s as the supercar of the future.

Creating the Diatto, the name itself a tribute to the Maserati brothers’ work with the Diatto racing team in the 1920’s, Ben wanted the Maserati Diatto to be unique, it is a car built for the autonomous age yet still designed to give the driver an experience. The design itself is such that every single aspect is unique like the wheels where the spokes are designed to “guide your eyes” towards the centre to highlight the Maserati badge.

Despite it being an autonomous and electric vehicle, fundamentally the Diatto is still a car designed in a classic way as an open-top roadster giving it a modern take on Maserati’s from the past. From the long bonnet and flared wheels, Ben’s design for the Diatto was for a visually stunning supercar from those wheels to the key, a key that features no buttons just a swipe function to unlock and lock Maserati Diatto.

As a supercar of the future this Maserati is of course electric powered, featuring four hub-mounted electric motors making a combined 683 horsepower, the Diatto can rocket from 0-60 mph in 1.86 seconds before topping out at 230 mph, quite some performance for a open top roadster, we can only presume in the future Ben see’s the roads a little less congested than today!

The futuristic aspects continue on the inside, an interesting aspect is the in-wheel mounted paddle shifters. The Maserati’s interior comprises of a simple dashboard design, nothing dramatic, just a clutter free, almost free flowing design.

Ben’s thesis on Supercar’s of the future with the Maserati Diatto certainly provides some hope that despite cars going electric and yes maybe eventually autonomous, carmakers will still make car’s we want to hunger after.

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