Ferrari To Say Goodbye To Maserati

Ferrari to stop supplying Maserati with its engines within two years

Back in 2002 when Maserati was under Ferrari control it started making engines for the prestige Italian carmaker, beautiful V8’s which could be found under the bonnets of the likes of the 3200GT/4200 and pretty much all Maserati models since, including the 6.0-litre V12 found in the stunning MC12, itself a Ferrari Enzo in disguise.

Now however times have changed and with Maserati owned by FCA it seem’s Maserati’s long arrangement with Ferrari is coming to an end. Low Maserati sales are being partly to blame for the cause of the engine deal termination.

At a recent Ferrari Q1 2019 meeting, Ferrari CEO Louis Camilleri spoke of how Maserati’s decreased sales in this quarter has been instrumental in Ferrari’s decision. Camilleri confirmed the discontinuation of its engine agreement with Maserati, however he also said that while there is no definitive date, it will likely stop within the next 2-3 years.

This news makes it unclear who will supply engines to Maserati, as carmakers make the switch to electric and hybrid, despite Maserati being in the midst of refreshing its current model lineup, it has recently stated it intends to continue offering petrol engines for some of its cars as well as the switch to electric. Certainly being part of FCA will allow it access to the electric side of power units but where it will get future petrol engines from is unknown.

It may well see an engine share with Alfa Romeo, itself owned by FCA who is already expected to share platforms with the brand for a new smaller SUV based on the Stelvio, this could become a logical and somewhat easier transition for Maserati.

Maserati plans to introduce various new models like an updated versions of the Levante, Quatroporte, Ghibli and the new Alfieri sports car all promised by 2022.

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