Alfa Romeo Heritage And Beauty Shines At ‘1000 Miglia’

Italian beauty postcards in a race between past and future

The first stage of the 1000 Miglia 2019 started yesterday after the punching and the technical and sporting checks. A memorable edition: there are 430 crews, almost 900 people representing all the continents. Alfa Romeo is the most present car manufacturer, with 44 cars registered between official and private, as well as a large fleet that represents the current production in the official race convoy. On the other hand the thousand imperial miles of the “most prestigious traveling museum in the world”, as defined by Enzo Ferrari, are the ideal terrain to appreciate the unparalleled history of the Alfa Romeo brand and its tension towards the future that never forgets a past glorious. 

Alfa Romeo Giulia parades in the new Ocra livery

Every Alfa Romeo car has always contained the authentic Alfa Romeo spirit, declined in the  five elements that make it one of the most desirable automotive brands in the world: distinctly Italian design; cutting-edge and innovative engines; perfect weight distribution; unique technical solutions; excellent weight / power ratio. Moreover, even in the design of the cars there are evident references and tributes to the timeless lines of the greatest successes of the brand, starting from the unmistakable frontal trilobo and the shield, iconic and immediately recognizable elements. Among the modern reinterpretations of historical elements it is necessary to mention the Ocra livery that the enthusiasts were able to admire at the start of the 1000 Miglia.

In fact in Brescia an Alfa Romeo Giulia was exhibited in the particular color that already appeared on its forerunner and on other specimens of the Sixties and Seventies. A livery capable of emphasizing the very short overhangs of the Alfa Romeo Giulia, its long bonnet and the marked front fenders, the rear passenger compartment, “resting” on the drive wheels and the muscular rear fenders. A complex of taut lines and dynamic and slender proportions, which have captured the eyes of all the fans present at the start.

In Brescia the first stroke of an accelerator

At 14.30 the departure from Viale Venezia, and in half an hour we reach the Garda, where the first regularity tests take place with the first stamp controls. A segmentation of the journey towards the final destination of Cervia-Milano Marittima, in fact, is a series of time controls and stamp controls. Each competitor receives at the start a time card that must be stamped at certain times according to his starting number. An apparent complexity that in the race becomes increasingly spontaneous. Along the way, defined by a road book, timed tests are set. Traits that must be dealt with in a specific period of time, at a particular hourly average. Is pure speed or regularity more fun? An unanswered question, conflicting opinions, while it is common to all pilots the

Italian beauty postcards

One of the secrets of the almost century-old success of the 1000 Miglia is the perfect integration of masterpieces on four wheels in suggestive panoramas and on roads that are often beyond the beaten track. The highways traveled by commuters and tourists leave room for state, regional and provincial cities where they can enjoy glimpses of Italian beauty and appreciate the proverbial driving pleasure of Alfa Romeo cars. The power of the Quadrifoglio “Alfa Romeo Racing” shakes for a moment the quiet of the province and the muffled rose gardens of the Sigurtà Garden Park in Valeggio. 

It is the turn of the Mantua city route, a widespread urban museum that houses the traveling museum, and then it runs along the border between Lombardy and Veneto and goes along the bank of the Po in a sunny but cool landscape. The sun is going down when you reach Ferrara. The streets are crowded, and the closer the evening gets, the more the public descends on the street for the passage of cars, almost silenced when it sees them parade in front of the Estense Castle. From Comacchio down is a parade of beaches, a sunset saturated with colors at the stork village of Fosso Ghiaia and a race to Ravenna while fatigue begins to be felt.

It’s the boundless, universal passion to drag the crews, and it’s dark when the first car skirts the Park of the Salina of Cervia and reaches Milano Marittima. The 1000 Miglia, however, never rests, not even in the shade of the pine forest: when pilots and navigators refresh and rest, with the prospect of a few hours of sleep, they leave room for the mechanics who lend their care to cars. An appreciated show of hard work, dedication and genuine passion for engines that already today, starting at 6.15 am, crosses the boot to reach Rome.

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