U-Go With Alfa Romeo Giulietta MY19

Alfa Romeo Giulietta MY19 and U-GO Leasys To Offer Peer-To-Peer Car Sharing Solution

The Alfa Romeo Giulietta MY19 is being projected into the future of mobility with the launch of U-Go by Leasys, the first innovative and integrated mobility platform that offers peer-to-peer car sharing solutions to retail customers.

U-Go by Leasys is designed for all Leasys customers with an aptitude for sharing, who are seeking new, smarter, safer, no-waste mobility solutions which go beyond mere economic savings. With U-Go, Leasys customers can reduce the monthly expense of the rental fee by sharing their car. These U-Go ‘Players’ can make their Giulietta available to U-Go ‘Users’ who need a car for a few hours or even a few days.

The ugo.leasys.com platform, accessible both from the website and from the app, is where Players and Users can meet. Players sign up indicating the features of their cars, availability and daily rate. Users can sign up and locate a car by city and period of interest, arranging the pick-up and payment directly with the U-Go Player. At the end of the sharing period they can review each other, creating a community through direct feedback and a peer-review system. The cars are available at special, advantageous rates allowing U-Go to provide widespread response to local mobility needs. With U-Go by Leasys, mobility becomes shared, efficient and sustainable.

U-Go by Leasys has recently launched in Italy and will land in France, Spain and the United Kingdom in September 2019, and in the remaining countries where Leasys is present by the end of the year. U-Go by Leasys is new but is growing rapidly and is estimated to reach 50,000 registered users by 2021.

Launched with the Alfa Romeo Giulietta MY19, U-Go users can get behind the wheel of a car which is perfect for navigating city streets with elegance and unmistakable style, but which is also ready to take on long trips with trademark sportiness and great driving pleasure. The partnership of Giulietta and U-Go marks the entry point into the Alfa Romeo world and that of Leasys integrated shared mobility services.

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