Muhammad Ali’s Alfa Romeo Spider Hits The Market

Italian auto manufacturer Alfa Romeo are known for producing exciting, affordable and very attractive Italian sportscars. Those of us that aren’t fortunate enough to get our hands on a Ferrari, Maserati or Lamborghini, usually turn to Alfa Romeo and the Italian auto manufacturer usually has a model in their range to suit everyone’s wants and needs. Over the years, we have seen Alfa Romeo produce their fair share of performance oriented coupe’s, sporty sedans/sport wagon’s and more recently an off-roader/SUV. However, when we think of the most iconic and most popular Alfa Romeo model of the last sixty-years one Alfa Romeo model in particular comes instantly to mind, that model being the brilliant Alfa Romeo Spider.

If you know a thing or two about Alfa Romeo then you will no doubt know that the Alfa Romeo Spider is a two-seat, front engined, rear wheel drive roadster which was originally produced by Alfa Romeo for twenty-eight long years from 1966 – 1994. Production of the much loved Alfa Romeo Spider stretched over four generations and in 1994, Alfa Romeo finally decided to pull the plug on the little Spider. Why Alfa Romeo decided to pull the plug on the Spider is something I will never understand, after all the little Spider was an extremely good seller for Alfa Romeo. In fact, the Alfa Romeo Spider was such a popular vehicle, Alfa Romeo managed to build and sell a whopping 110,128 Spider’s from 1970 – 1993 and that number is seriously impressive.

However, of the four generations of Alfa Romeo Spider my personal favourite is the second generation which was produced from 1970 – 1982 and it is not hard to see or understand why. These days if you want to add a second generation Alfa Romeo Spider to your car collection they are not hard to find, but a show winning example can cost you a fair bit of money. However, an immaculate 1976 Alfa Romeo Spider showed up on the Enzari radar recently but this particular 1976 Alfa Romeo Spider is not like any other, why? Well this little Alfa Romeo Spider was once owned by a well known sportsman and celebrity.

This is the vehicle in question, what you are looking at ladies and gentlemen is a 1976 Alfa Romeo Spider that was once owned by world famous boxing champion Muhammed Ali. It is said that Muhammad Ali personally purchased this 1976 Alfa Romeo Spider from dealership European Imports in Lake Forest, Illinois when he actually set out to purchase a Rolls Royce Corniche. Although it is not known if Muhammad Ali planned to purchase this 1976 Alfa Romeo Spider or if he just fell in love with this little Italian roadster on the showroom floor, we do know that this little Alfa Romeo remained under Ali’s ownership for a number of years before the vehicle was eventually passed on to Tim Shanahan, a trusted friend of Mr Ali.

As expected, this 1976 Alfa Romeo Spider was treasured by Tim Shanahan and his family and it remained under the ownership of Tim Shanahan for over forty years, meaning this 1976 Alfa Romeo Spider is a genuine two car owner and now it is for sale. Yes, you read that correctly Muhammad Ali’s 1976 Alfa Romeo Spider is looking for a new home. In fact, it was listed on eBay recently but it failed to find a new home as it’s reserve was not met, however if you are interested in purchasing Muhammad Ali’s Alfa Romeo Spider, it is still listed on classic car online marketplace MotoExotica.

As you can see from the images featured in this article, this 1976 Alfa Romeo Spider is in immaculate condition both inside and outside. As a result, this vehicle features a flawless silver exterior paint finish with lot’s of chrome exterior trim pieces, black US spec front and rear bumpers, a black soft-top roof and it’s original silver wheels. Inside, you will find an immaculate black leather interior with all of the original interior trim, instrument gauges, switchgear, Targa AM/FM stereo with cassette deck and three-band equalizer and even the original steering wheel.

Under the hood, this 1976 Alfa Romeo Spider features an all original 2.0 liter, DOHC four-cylinder engine complete with Spica mechanical fuel-injection. Mated to the 2.0 litre, DOHC four-cylinder engine is a five-speed manual transmission which sends all available power directly to the rear wheels. This 1976 Alfa Romeo Spider also features four-wheel disc brakes and it has covered a mere 129,927 kilometres (80,733 miles) since new, which is not a lot considering the age of this vehicle.

As mentioned earlier in this article, this 1976 Alfa Romeo Spider is still looking for a new home and it has been advertised for sale on classic car online marketplace MotoExotica. Unfortunately, no pricing details were made available but we are sure this little Alfa Romeo won’t be cheap. However, this 1976 Alfa Romeo Spider will be sold with loads of documentation which includes the original registration documents in Muhammad Ali’s name, photographs and even a signed copy of Tim Shanahan best selling book “Running with the Champ” which should make a hefty asking price a little bit easier to live with.

Steve & Chris Parry are contributors from stevespeedza.blogspot.com

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