Meet The Outrageous Lamborghini Unicorn V3

As any real petrolhead or supercar enthusiast will no doubt know, Automobili Lamborghini are responsible for producing one of the worlds best V10 powered supercars that money can buy today. If you know a thing or two about Lamborghini then you will know that I am talking about the absolutely brilliant Lamborghini Huracan. Originally unveiled by AutomobiliLamborghini at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, the Huracan is the successor to the Lamborghini Gallardo and it is also the second V10 powered model to be developed under the ownership of German auto manufacturer and parent company Audi.

The Lamborghini Huracan has been with us for five long years already and although that is not a long time for your average family sedan, in supercar years it is considered to be a lifetime. As a result, in order to keep the Huracan as fresh and competitive as possible, Automobili Lamborghini recently launched the facelifted, updated second generation Lamborghini Huracan Evo and what a beast it is. However, if you are the proud owner of a first generation Lamborghini Huracan don’t worry because there are plenty of ways to make your early model Huracan more stylish, more powerful and totally unique to you.

Every so often I come across a modified Lamborghini Huracanand if I am honest, most of these modified examples are pretty impressive but recently a rather unique, heavily modified Lamborghini Huracan was brought to my attention and it has left me feeling rather confused. This is it, what you are gazing at ladies and gentlemen is a first generation Lamborghini Huracanknown as the Lamborghini Unicorn V3 and it is owned by 19 year old social media personality Alex Choi. Before I go on, just by looking at the images featured in this article you can see that this particular Lamborghini Huracan is definitely a very unique example of Lamborghini’s current flagship V10 supercar and although I have been involved in the auto industry for most of my life, I have never seen anything quite like it.

Starting on the outside, as you can no doubt see from the images featured in this article the Lamborghini Unicorn V3 has had it’s front and rear bumpers, left and right front wings and left and right rear quarter panels completely removed in order to make way for an exoskeleton which has been named the “Monkey Bars” by owner Alex Choi, yes you did read that correctly. Besides the unusual and totally unnecessary exoskeleton, the Lamborghini Unicorn V3 has been outfitted with a custom front trunk lid, a massive fixed rear wing, new wheels, a set of front mounted spot lights, a roof mounted LED lightbar and the original Lamborghini Huracan taillights have been turned upside down in order to give the rear end of the Unicorn V3 a rather angry look.

That is not all because the outrageous Unicorn V3 also features externally mounted air filters and according to owner Alex Choi, there is over 40 sets of lights covering the Unicorn V3’s exterior. In order to finish off the modified exterior look of the Unicorn V3, the vehicle was given a flat black exterior paint finish which has been contrasted by the bright pink exoskeleton as well as numerous MFR and Sheepeyrace decals amongst others. Unfortunately, owner Alex Choi hasn’t gone into much detail regarding the exterior of the Unicorn V3 but obviously a lot of time and effort was focused on creating a Lamborghini Huracanthat is totally unique to Mr Choi’s individual taste and requirements.

On the inside, no specific details or images have been released regarding the Unicorn V3’s interior. As a result, I can’t confirm or deny if owner Alex Choi has spiced things up in the cabin or not. However, owner Alex Choi has definitely spiced things up in the engine bay because the Unicorn V3 has more power than an early model Bugatti Veyron. Powering the Unicorn V3 is the Huracan’s original 5.2 litre V10 engine which has been extensively upgraded and now features twin-turbochargers and air-to-air intercoolers, the above mentioned engine upgrades may sound modest but the end result is just staggering.

According to owner Alex Choi, the Unicorn V3 has an overall power output of “well over 1,000 hp” however no official 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) sprint times, torque figures or top speed figures were available at the time of writing this article. Taking into account the mammoth power increase, I am pretty sure that the Unicorn V3 is quicker to 100 km/h (62 mph) and much faster than a factory standard Lamborghini Huracan despite all of the unnecessary added extra’s.

According to owner Alex Choi, the Unicorn V3 draws inspiration from the Flip Car which featured in the Hollywood blockbuster film Fast and Furious 6. However, the Unicorn V3 doesn’t look as bonkers as the Flip Car but it is bound to turn heads wherever it goes. So what do I think of the Unicorn V3? Well, in my opinion the Unicorn V3 is a total waste of a perfectly good Lamborghini Huracan and it doesn’t impress me at all. If anything, the Unicorn V3 confuses me because who in their right mind would do this to an expensive Italian exotic?

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